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Beyond Sustainability: Regenrus Is Regenerative

Stepping into a Regenerative Future Sustainability: A popular word floating around the ethernet these days, even within our community. What does "Sustainability" truly mean?  According to Matthew Mason of, Sustainability is "the focus on balancing that fine line between competing needs – our need to move forward technologically and economically, and the need to protect the environments in which we and others live." Every day, we see headlines questioning what the world may look like in our lifetimes, often with dire predictions. Sustainability takes a "leave no trace" approach to the problem at hand, hoping that by doing no harm we may still avoid a troubled future. At Regenrus, we have looked deeply at the realm of sustainability and realized that our commitment to...

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Growing In Partnership: Empirical Labs

When Regenrus took its first steps into the world as an organization, a growing Ohana eager to create positive change in the world through our actions, we assured ourselves that all parties involved would be likeminded in their passions to support People, Animals and Planet. Our manufacturers would operate with holistic practices in mind with a reverence for nature, as well as supporting the people who helped they themselves grow. In our efforts, we've discovered a team of individuals with over 28 years of experience in doing just that. Introducing Empirical Labs, a Colorado-based nutraceutical manufacturing facility and our partner who created the amazing Liposomal Delivery System our products use today. Join us as we share our celebration and insight...

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