Beyond Sustainability: Regenrus Is Regenerative

Beyond Sustainability: Regenrus Is Regenerative

Stepping into a Regenerative Future

Sustainability: A popular word floating around the ethernet these days, even within our community. What does "Sustainability" truly mean? 

According to Matthew Mason of, Sustainability is "the focus on balancing that fine line between competing needs – our need to move forward technologically and economically, and the need to protect the environments in which we and others live." Every day, we see headlines questioning what the world may look like in our lifetimes, often with dire predictions. Sustainability takes a "leave no trace" approach to the problem at hand, hoping that by doing no harm we may still avoid a troubled future. At Regenrus, we have looked deeply at the realm of sustainability and realized that our commitment to the People, Animals, and Planet runs deeper than a desire for "protection". It is our mission to support a new Regenerative model of personal and corporate responsibility that actively improves the world we live in. Whereas Sustainable Design seeks to "leave no trace" on the world, Regenerative Design seeks to embody the "leave it better than you found it" principal we now teach our young campers and outdoors enthusiasts.  

"Regenerative approaches seek not only to reverse the degeneration of the earth's natural systems, but also to design human systems that can coevolve with natural systems—evolve in a way that generates mutual benefits and greater overall expression of life and resilience."  

- Regenerative Development and Design Pamela Mang, Bill Reed, Regenesis Group and Story of Place Institute Chapter 303, Encyclopedia Sustainability Science & Technology, 2112 

People, Animals, and Planet: Regeneration Grows from Compassion

The Regenerative approach starts with cultivating a deep compassion in ourselves and in our communities. 

For decades, centuries, or even millennia, compassion has too often been set aside for the sake of "efficiency" and "profitability". At Regenrus, we know that the most efficient system is one which benefits our entire environment: our human communities, our animal ecosystems, and our planetary biosphere. When we take time to cultivate compassion and build our plans and actions from the heart, we naturally craft systems that benefit the whole. At Regenrus, we take time to consider the positive impact we can have from the time a seed is planted in the soil to the moment a customer enjoys our product. We are committed to building lasting partnerships with companies and organizations that strive every day to give disadvantaged communities access to fulfilling work at reasonable wages, empower women economically and socially, protect animals and their habitat, and restore the vitality and resiliency of the environment. Every day we ask, what good can we do for the world? How can we address the challenges we all face together?  

“The environment, after all, is where we all meet, where we all have a mutual interest.  It is one thing that all of us share.  It is not only a mirror of ourselves but a focusing lens on what we can become.”  

— Lady Bird Johnson, First Lady of the United States (1963–69)  

What Regenerative means for You

Imagine your ideal future. Imagine yourself healthy and vibrant, living in a world abundant with natural beauty cared for by family and friends who love and support you. 

As we regenerate our health, our community, our ecology, and our environment, we grow ever closer to a world in which everyone can share in the reality of this dream, together. As a customer, affiliate, or partner in the Regenrus community, you can feel confident that you are contributing to a system that is not only providing you with products that regenerate your quality of life, but also the opportunity to create a lasting impact on the world.  

"We are ourselves, as people who seek a vision that all living things can share, a rich ecology that is stronger for our diversity. It's time to park our self-righteousness, however fun it might be, and reach out to each other."  

- Hunter Lovins  

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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