Regenrus is an Integrative Health and Wellness Benefit Company committed to helping people experience a better quality of life. These days the concept of “health” can seem elusive in our every day environment. We don’t believe the solution is as simple as pushing the latest wellness products. Instead, we believe the best quality of life begins with creating a more mindful balance of systemic support within our bodies, paired with fostering a community of kind, socially-conscious individuals who care about the impact we can make for people, animals and our planet.

Because we know true wellness extends beyond our bodies to our surrounding societies. Regenrus started with one woman’s health journey and blossomed into a team of holistic, heart-centered herbalists, scientists, business experts and a vibrant community committed to reimagining the way wellness can be and how we can make it a reality for more people. That’s why we integrate work, life and purpose in our company so that we can all live our most vibrant lives yet.

“Wellness can never be an independent act. By NATURE it is interconnected to People, Animals and the Planet”

Cindy Tysinger - Founder of Regenrus

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Regenrus is dedicated to building an ecosystem of proprietary products manufactured to the highest degree of quality with ingredients sourced from farmers and processors who are making every effort to regenerate the vitality and resiliency of the land and resources they draw upon.

The Regenrus Mindful Marketplace gives our customers and members access to both Regenrus products and those from our partners who have been carefully curated and selected for their dedication to regenerative practices and highest quality ingredients. With every product sold, we strive to put compassion into action.


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Guided by a sense of reverence for all life, we feel a responsibility to create a globally sustainable path.



We have the power to shape our collective future and truly embody a compassionate approach to living.


Care In Action

To build a collaborative Social Impact Community where giving back to People, Animals and our Planet are the core of our existence. At Regenrus we are committed to becoming a certified B-Corporation to "B the Change." Regenrus partners know that diversity and inclusivity leads to a sense of wholeness. We model living a heart-centered and regenerative life for the good of the whole.  Our Regenrus Cares Program is designed to make a significant, positive change that addresses a pressing social challenge where our focus is to meet the needs for causes that we serve.


Our Products

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REGEN Liposomal


REGEN is our flagship product to bring our body, mind and heart into balance. Our consciously crafted blend of Hemp, Aloe vera, and Turmeric extracts work in harmony to help your body manage the stresses and challenges of modern living. This potent liquid supplement supports your EndoCannabinoid, Nervous, Immune, Circulatory and Digestive systems, and can help you embrace an active lifestyle to realize wholistic benefits to your health and wellness. Join us on a journey towards lasting and resilient homeostasis!


REST Liposomal


Restore your mind and body with REST, a perfect balance of Western and Eastern herbal traditions formulated known to maximize the impact of your night-time cycles on your day-time energy and mental acuity.

Crafted from the finest Organic botanicals, REST helps you to ease into the night, regenerate your mental clarity, and wake up in the morning with renewed vigor and clarity.

REST is a perfect nightly Restoration companion to the Balance of REGEN, formulated specifically for potent and palpable synergies with your daily homeostasis regimen.




Our SOOTHE Joint and Muscle crème is formulated to penetrate deep into sore muscles and joints, to cool and calm soreness associated with active lifestyles, overworked muscles and stressed joints.

SOOTHE’s beneficial ingredients include RegenAloe™, Helichrysum, Glutathione, Hemp Oil Extract and our carefully selected Botanical Blend. These ingredients work synergistically, supporting your body with improved blood circulation, as well as helping balance the responses of your immune system. This allows your joints and muscles to soothe, release tension and restore.*


Health in Balance

We strive to build a world where what we put in our bodies supports the whole person including body, mind and heart. We embrace an integrative view of wellness that includes the use of natural products and community support as a complement to traditional and conventional medicine. Our first products are functional foods, which provide the nutrition we need to live vibrant, healthy lives.

The Balance Nature Intended

At Regenrus we know how important it is to be authentic and transparent. We care deeply for our Ohana, our global family.  It is our commitment to our community to always do our best to deliver high-quality products, services and education that support you in living your life to the fullest.

We promise to be in this together. 


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