Growing In Partnership: Empirical Labs

Growing In Partnership: Empirical Labs

When Regenrus took its first steps into the world as an organization, a growing Ohana eager to create positive change in the world through our actions, we assured ourselves that all parties involved would be likeminded in their passions to support People, Animals and Planet. Our manufacturers would operate with holistic practices in mind with a reverence for nature, as well as supporting the people who helped they themselves grow. In our efforts, we've discovered a team of individuals with over 28 years of experience in doing just that. Introducing Empirical Labs, a Colorado-based nutraceutical manufacturing facility and our partner who created the amazing Liposomal Delivery System our products use today. Join us as we share our celebration and insight on the importance of this incredible partnership that will aid us in creating a global impact.  

Founded in 1989 in Fort Collins, Colorado, Empirical Labs (EL) is the first organization to provide actual research-based evidence of proven results of the benefits of using their proprietary Qualisome Liposomal technology. Liposomes are oil soluble as well as water soluble. Meaning any ingredients, with the right science behind it can be bonded to liposomes. This in turn, makes it possible for our bodies to process the ingredients and gain their nutritive benefits. Additionally, EL provides over 900 ingredients in-house to assist in creating the perfect product. The potentiality of what we felt was a match made in the stars never ceased to amaze us as we learned more about this amazing facility and the journey that lay ahead. We knew our products needed to be not only beneficial for our customers but beneficial in more ways than previously sought after, all-in-one products. “Selecting amazing ingredients and combining them in a carefully crafted formulation is not enough," stated Co-Founder Emmett McGregor on the importance of ingredients and product efficacy. "Our approach to nutrition and our regenerative ethic demands that we take every milligram of nutrition to its fullest potential. Empirical Labs and their time proven liposomal encapsulation technology has enabled us to take our products beyond the ordinary to deliver extraordinary results for our customers.” 

When we spoke with CEO Kelly Goyen on his thoughts on our upcoming ventures, he was truly ecstatic, just as we have been. "Empirical Labs is delighted to commence this partnership with the Regenrus team. We are confident that our Liposomal Delivery System will provide the greatest nutritive benefit within Regenrus’ products and find a synergy in these formulations that makes it all the more rewarding.  We look forward to continuing working with Regenrus and appreciate sharing a higher goal to leave a lasting, positive impact."  

With the help of Empirical Labs, we are able to effectively produce each of our liposomal products with taste, efficacy and with People, Animals and Planet in mind. Empirical Labs maintains a standard of excellence that has kept them in business for 28 years. We are constantly amazed by their quality control standards and attention to detail, and we are so excited to be moving forward with this world-class team.  

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