Committed to sustainable and regenerative practices


And we start at the beginning

Life starts in the soil. The foods we eat come from the earth they grow in. The deeper we look into how our food impacts our body, the clearer it becomes that plants cultivated in nutrient-rich media with thriving soil ecosystems are fundamentally better sources of nutrition and bioactive support for our bodies.

We are committed to the quality of our product and health of our customers. We subject each batch of our finished product through 3 separate Quality Assurance (QA) processes. The manufacturer's QA, the manufacturers 3rd party QA Lab and Analytical Food Lab (AFL). Regenrus employs AFL as our final seal of approval, just to be sure that no unknown contaminants ever make it into a product that we sell.

Our products are toxic free, animal cruelty free and Made in the USA. Our Ingredients have been sourced from farms which never use chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Our manufacturing partners screen their material both before and after extraction to assure it contains no heavy metals, no pesticides, and no microbial contaminants. We are so committed to the quality of our product, and health of our customers that we test each batch of our finished product.

Co-Founder Cindy Tysinger enjoying the aromatics of Cannabis plants used to create our products. 


are certified

When we took our first steps into the world as an organization, we assured ourselves that all parties involved would be likeminded in their passion to support People, Animals and Planet. Our manufacturers would operate with holistic practices in mind with a reverence for nature, regenerative practices, as well as supporting the people who helped them grow and worked the process all the way from seed to bottle.

At Regenrus, we make it our mission to formulate products that make a strong impact in the lives of our customers. It is our holistic mission to support the highest good in the body as well as in the world. For the potent bio-actives our ingredients contain, it means delivering them into the body in the safest and most effective ways possible.

I envision a world full of regenerative products where every one of them has a positive impact, not only on the people using them, but also on our planet.



Committed to regenerative practices

From the very beginning, we identified and sourced the safest, most efficacious bio-active nutrients available to us from plant, mushroom and other sources and carefully combined them into synergistic blends that support our body's natural balance and healthy rhythms.

Regenrus is dedicated to building an ecosystem of proprietary products manufactured to the highest degree of quality with ingredients sourced from farmers and processors who are making every effort to regenerate the vitality and resiliency of the land and resources they draw upon.

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AFL CEO Becky Pfundheller with her 22,000 sq foot state-of-the-art lab 

The natural surroundings in Krka Park near our helichrysum source in Croatia.


Quality first, providing clean safe products

Before we formulated our very first product, we partnered with Analytical Food Labs (AFL) Texas a state of the art, 22,000 sq. ft. ISO-accredited 3rd party QA lab, known for keeping people safe since 1992.

Our relationship with AFL dates back to 2012, so we knew we could fully trust them to put quality first and to provide even greater confidence for all our customers. In 2018, AFL joined the Tentamus Group, founded a decade ago, providing our clients access to a global network of labs. Tentamus is a global product and safety group with a core presence in Europe, UK, Israel, Greater China, Japan and the USA. Accredited and licensed Tentamus Group tests, audits and consults on all products involving the human body.



align with our mission

Having only the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing processes was at the forefront of our product planning cycle. When selecting our manufacturers, we spend a lot of time in due diligence. We ensure each manufacturer operates with holistic practices in mind with a reverence for nature, regenerative practices, and social impact.

Our Wellness Dietary Supplements and Skincare Topical Products are manufactured under Certified Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). The FDA established Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) regulation to help ensure the safety of food, dietary supplements and cosmetics. CGMP regulations generally address matters including appropriate personal hygienic practices, design and construction of a food, dietary supplement, cosmetics plant and maintenance of plant grounds, plant equipment, sanitary operations, facility sanitation, and production and process controls during the manufacturing production of food, dietary supplements and cosmetics. Quality processes are tracked from seed to bottle for your safety.

Locating the very best wellness supplement manufacturer was a critical step and through our search efforts, we discovered and partnered with Empirical Labs a Colorado based nutraceutical manufacturing cGMP facility. Their team of individuals have over 30 years of experience.  They are the creaters of the amazing Liposomal Delivery System that many of our products use today. 

All of our products start with Ripe, nutritious plants meticulously crafted into potent extracts that meet our rigorous quality standards. We then utilize the finest delivery system to bring these immaculate nutrients to our bodies. Liposomal encapsulation has been shown to radically enhance the bioavailability and absorption of many nutrients. Our manufacturing partner Empirical Labs has been producing life changing products since 1989 utilizing a patented proprietary Liposomal technology since mid 2000s. With the help of Empirical Labs, we are able to produce each of our Liposomal products with steadfast confidence for the best quality and efficacy assuring we've provided the very best to our community.

We partnered with Chaé Manufacturing for our skin care line, a Colorado based, woman owned and led cGMP manufacturer. CEO Linda Chaé is a formulator extraordinaire for many high-profile clients and has been a great friend for decades. Chaé is our premier formulator of natural and organic formulations backed by Clinical Studies and a broad range of test market performance validation and the only company that is both USDA Organic and ToxicFree® Certified.

Our products are more than organic and natural, they are ToxicFree®. This simply means they don't contain carcinogenic chemicals. This is not the case with other products marketed as organic. Oftentimes, other skin care products contain ingredients such as;  paraben preservatives, propylene glycol, and ethoxolated compounds (Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Triethanolamine or PEGs). Many major universities, government agencies and scientific studies have directly linked these chemicals to a plethora of diseases affecting the entire family. 

So in other words, you can feel confident that our products deliver a clean, toxic-free experience. 

Our founder met Brenda Meyers, CEO of Sterling Tea our Organic Wellness Tea Manufacturer in 2009. Sterling Tea is a Texas based, woman owned and led business founded in 2006. Our wellness loose leaf teas are artfully crafted, hand-blended, infused with love to include only the finest organic ingredients. We've enjoyed and experienced the incredible health benefits of infusing high quality loose leaf tea for more than a decade, so we added them to our wellness product line.

Brenda Meyers is author of The Ease of Tea, an entry level guide to understanding this amazing leaf. In her book, Brenda shares her working knowledge and experience in the tea industry hoping to enlighten the new tea drinker. And who knows even those that have always loved their loose leaf tea might benefit from some of her learnings. The study of tea is vast, it equates to other culinary experiences such as wine, chocolate and cheese. The Ease of Tea book is available to purchase on our website.  Brenda will show you just how easy it is too steep and enjoy a perfect cup of tea every day! When we source our organic wellness teas through Sterling Tea, we are giving back to Meals on Wheels and National Breast Cancer foundation of Frisco.

Dalmatia - the coastal part of Croatia - is very rich with aromatic herbs. Essentia Dalmatica—a family owned company focused on steam distilling aromatic herbs—produces beautifully crafted 100 % pure essential oil . And that is where we procure our Helichyrsym Essential Oil for our products. 

Three sisters very passionate about providing the very best in essential oils also supports much needed employment to thousands of migrant workers twice annually. The ravages of war with Serbian forces behind them, Luca and her sisters are determined to rebuild their towns and the relationships with those immigrants left behind. And, while our founders have two brothers they love dearly, they were intrigued with Essentia Dalmatica and their mission. Cindy and Brenda had the opportunity to visit with the ladies and their families in Croatia.

Touring their family lands and those helicrysum fields located in the beautiful Krka Park was the highlight of the visit. Krka, characterized by exceptionally rich and varied flora and fauna, is a vast and primarily unaltered area of exceptional natural value, including one or more preserved or insignificantly altered ecosystems. We are so proud to have Essentia Dalmatica’s beautifully sourced Helicrysum oils as an ingredient in some of our Regenrus products and to call them our partners. 

Our Founders’ relationship with our unique Aloe ingredient (known as RegenAloe™) dates back to 1996 with a dramatic improvement in her health that changed her life forever for the better. RegenAloe™ is a superior ingredient, certified following Organic, Halal and Kosher production processes. Aloe vera has been recognized as far back as 6,000 years for its dynamic support of health and healing in almost every culture.

While there are about 400 different Aloe species, only one has been used for thousands of years and studied for its many health benefits: Aloe vera Linnaeus (Aloe barbadensis Miller). In the mid-1980s, scientists identified and stabilized a novel bio-active component of the gel of Aloe vera and named it Acemannan. Our proprietary Aloe vera extract, RegenAloe™, has the most recent technological breakthrough in processing providing more bio-availability, efficacy and is more than 4 times the amount of other commercially available Aloe vera.

Even better, when we directly source RegenAloe™ through Mannarelief, a non-profit we have been supporting since 1996 we are helping to feed malnourished orphans around the world to date 89 countries, with more than 13M orphaned children’s lives impacted.








from contamination

Our product ingredients are sourced from farms which never use chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Our manufacturing partners screen their material both before and after extraction to assure it contains no heavy metals, no pesticides, and no microbial contaminants.

We are so committed to the quality of our product and health of our customers that we test each batch of our finished product through a 2nd third-party QA laboratory to be sure that no contaminants ever make it into a product that we sell.


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