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Regenrus Social Impact Community

At Regenrus, we are guided by a sense of reverence for all life and a collaborative spirit. We care about the good of the whole, our global family and share a sincere commitment to awaken a regenerative lifestyle. We are constantly seeking more like-minded individuals to join us on a level best fitted for their lifestyle. We are Customers, Affiliates, Practitioners and Educators. We are the Regenrus Social Impact Community. 


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Global Giving

Social impact is the effect an organization's actions have on the well being of the larger community and we closely measure our results. Our Regenrus Giving Back Program is designed to make a significant, positive change that addresses a pressing social challenge where our focus is to meet the needs for causes that we serve.  As we grow, it is our goal to give a generous 4% of our product sales to People, Animals and Planet causes and our Regenrus community determines where it is best utilized by selecting where they want their contributions to apply. 



Regenrus customers are socially and health conscious, earth-centered, caring individuals who feel a strong urge to give back on a global scale with every purchase, every action made as a consumer. They possess goals to leave the world a better place in their legacies, and take pride in the purchases and decisions they make. Our Regenrus Social Impact Community thrives in getting to know and interact with our customers and learn new, innovative ways to further our own mission to give back to the Global Community. 


Our Affiliate members serve as Regenrus Ambassadors, spreading the goodwill and knowledge of our mission. Regenrus Affiliates spend time educating themselves and their associated members on the benefits of our products, as well as the ever-growing industry where Regenrus resides. It is integral to each member that our future members leave an information session wholly nourished in knowledge, resources and support from our community. Our Affiliates collaborate together and welcome all interested individuals looking to join us as well. 



Practitioners and Educators

Regenrus Practitioners and Educators are the pioneers of our organization. As our industry grows, so do the methods and practices used to formulate the intricacies of our products, down to the molecular level. Our Educators relay these innovations and upgrades within our industry and products back to the Affiliate members, who they in turn educate our customers. This circle of knowledge establishes the support system for future members, individuals looking to join our Ohana and grow our Social Impact Community. 



We all feel we could be doing more to help others who are less fortunate or lack the ability to improve their circumstances.  Regenrus is a community built on heart centered principles working together to make a profound impact on people who are looking for a better quality of life for them and their families.  Join our community as we pursue a more compassionate us in our commitment to be the change we seek. To live awakened to serving the good of the Whole.  Just imagine what life would be like living in a more loving and caring world that works for everyone.



A dynamic relationship exists between us. The bond between us and our pets goes well beyond unconditional love and companionship. Science has proven that in addition to great love and joy, we experience significant health benefits. Join our Regenrus community so we can ignite change together. Animals come in many shapes and sizes, and they are all equally deserving of the basic necessities of life. We are a united voice for the well being of all animals, demonstrating conscious care in action. 




No one person can change the world, yet together, we have the power to shape our collective future. Our planet needs our help, and everyday our actions matter. We live in a time where every moment is a mission moment, and we either hurt or help our planet with each choice we make.  We don't need to be perfect, just present, to become a more conscious global citizen. We invite you to start now. Join our Regenrus community to help us make a positive change, as we assume responsibility for our impact on our planet and our future generations.  

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