7 Stepping Stones To Living Sustainably

7 Stepping Stones To Living Sustainably

Every day we make choices that affect the people, animals and planet that make up our global community. From the food we eat, the cars we own, or the clothes we wear, our daily decisions directly affect the vitality of these three aspects we care about most.  We make the best of our decisions in choosing to lead sustainable lives, to be sustainable in our own right. But how does one accomplish this? We explore the beginning stages in our seven stepping stones to living sustainably. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

One of the fundamental phrases engrained into our brains as students of public education: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We could spend eternities on the many facets behind one of the greatest environmental preservation campaigns, but for now we will stick with a few basics. 

Purchasing a reusable water bottle is a perfect stepping stone in cutting back on plastics and water waste.

For starters, ditching plastic whenever possible can produce momentous impact. Plastics comprise about 13 percent of MSW (municipal solid waste), making it one of the top generators of waste produced. By opting out of plastic-based products and using materials that are made of recyclable materials, you are part of the change that continues to lower the overall MSW produced in our communities. Additionally, going paperless (26%, THE top MSW producer) via either digital billing, e-cards, or the newspaper, will greatly reduce the amount of paper waste generated in your home, office, school or organization. Water conservation, through efforts such as switching from disposable water bottles to personal reusable bottles or taking shorter showers, are wise steps to saving nature's elixir: water. 

Think Twice, Shop Right

We're always trying to save that extra dollar, cut the extra corner with the touch of a coupon. Why not practice the same, but with sustainability in mind instead? This can mean a variety of decisions, each serving a different purpose or aspect of the global community. Like purchasing fair-trade certified products, or products which utilize fair-trade ingredients such as our own. Fair-trade certification means the product has been cultivated using sustainable agricultural methods, and the individuals associated with production were treated and paid fairly. At Regenrus we aren't able to source every ingredient we use from fair-trade sources yet, as some of our proprietary ingredients have yet to be certified, but we have set a long term mission to aid our suppliers in achieving certification thereby certify our products as well. From a fashionable perspective, sustainability lies in the choice as well. By shopping at local thrift stores, purchasing clothes made from sustainable materials, and supporting brands that are ethically and socially conscious will perpetuate the cycle of the aptly named sustainable fashion industry. 

Eat and grow locally, organically when possible.

Pay Attention to Labels

As we try to live more sustainably, we're constantly surprised by the amount of un-natural ingredients, additives, and practices used to create some of the things we purchase, eat and drink. Read about whether your favorite products have been tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and the active ingredients they claim to contain. 

Avoid products that contain unnatural dyes, or artificial sweeteners.  Shop organic, Fair Trade, and Toxic Free whenever possible wherever possible. Though some products may prove more costly when bought organic, the direct positive impact made on our environment and our people far outweighs the price incurred. 

Drive Less, Drive Green

Changing the way we drive, how we commute or get from Point A to Point B, can help reduce our carbon footprint as humans.  Participate in your office carpool group, utilize public transportation, or invest in bikes for yourself and the family when traveling close to home.  These steps are small yet mighty, and can produce positive long-term effects as well, like spending more time with loved ones, or catching up on the day's news or latest literature. Empowering the individual while giving back to the planet, a perfect pairing for a sustainable self. 

Go Green At Home

There are many ways to start successful sustainable practices, and the home may be the greatest place to begin. It's where many spend most of their time, and it's surely where we consume the most of our energy other than the workplace. It's also often the greatest educational hub for our family, community members and friends; it's here where leading by example begins. Use energy saving LED light bulbs and turn off lights when you leave a room. Unplug appliances when you aren't using them. Invest in low-flush toilet and plumbing systems, or a programmable thermostat if it's in the budget.  The Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy has a detailed, daily list of ways to save energy and Go Green in the home. 

Eat for Change: Go Local

Going Local on your produce and related agricultural products not only does the environment good, but your body and community as well. Consuming organic, locally raised goods supports a healthier diet, your local business owners and farmers. When you shop local, you support your local community and its commerce. By eating locally, you further reduce your carbon footprint in traveling shorter distances to obtain food. Attend farmers markets and ask your farmer what methods they use on their farm. Support regenerative agriculture and permaculture, farming practices giving back directly to the soil health and water retention of your local environment. The body is nourished physically with goods right from your town's backyard, and your spirit nurtured knowing your purchases gave back to the people and the planet. 

Live & Share Your Lifestyle

Truly, there is nothing greater, more powerful than living and sharing your truth with the world. 

At Regenrus, we encourage our community to be their genuine, passionate selves, sharing their heart and its knowledge with others. We embody the pillars of Sustainability as we use these aforementioned tools to be more Sustainable, more efficient selves. In doing this, we turn to you, our global community, to do the same for your groups as well. Live the truths you choose to practice, and others will follow in the goodness and footsteps we've paved for now and for generations to come. 

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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