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Liposomal Vitamin Bundle

Liposomal Vitamin Bundle

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  • Magnesium is an essential mineral, it is vital for many processes in the body and it’s estimated that almost half of U.S. adults do not intake the recommended amount of Magnesium.
  • Multiple Benefits: Magnesium is vital for many processes in the body such as muscle and nerve function, bone health, and calcium absorption. Magnesium may also be supportive for occasional headaches and support mood. The optimal amount of Magnesium is also important for normal sleep regulation.

Vitamin D3/K2

  • Multiple Benefits: Vitamins D3 and K2 are vital for bone health. Vitamin D is beneficial as it aids the body’s absorption of Calcium and Phosphorus and supports immune function. Vitamin K2 is also crucial for strong bones, but also for modulating Calcium — it activates osteocalcin which binds Calcium to bone; and it helps keep Calcium out of artery walls, where it doesn’t belong.


  • Multiple Benefits: Zinc deficiency can lead to impaired immune function. Zinc, an essential mineral, is needed for several bodily processes including certain gene expression and DNA repair, and also helps to support cellular metabolism and maintain skin integrity.

Vitamin B12

  • Multiple Benefits: Help support your nervous system and maintain energy levels. Vitamin B12 helps promote a healthy nervous system and supports the production of blood cells and DNA! This liquid B12 supplement tends to work quite swiftly and efficiently to help curb anemia and fatigue. 


  • Multiple Benefits: Powerful antioxidant that may be effective at slowing down aging. This coenzyme is mainly used to boost the functioning of the body, by reinforcing the energy function. Helps to combat fatigue, may help with depression, lung and heart function and cognitive function.

Liposomal Nutrients

The vitamins are wrapped in the lipid molecule. Depending on the nature of the vitamin or mineral, the nutrient is placed either in the inner aqueous fluid or embedded within the cell membrane. Liposomal nutrients are then protected from the gut.

Liposomal Compounds

The compounds (e.g. minerals and vitamins), popular with many nutritional supplement manufacturers and consumers, are protected using liposomes; the lipids’ molecular nucleus or its membrane wall can store these compounds

Liposomal Phospholipids

Fatty acid chains and molecules like phosphatidylcholine are what are used as the delivery mechanism in liposomes delivery mechanism in liposomes. However, once they are done delivering the ingredients, they become nutrition for your brain, liver and cells as they are a critical component in your body.  


Hero Ingredients

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), Magnesium, D3/K2, B12, and Zinc


Vitamins and Minerals: Magnesium, D3/K2, B12, Zinc and phosphatidyl choline.

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How to use

Follow directions on label. Can take by itself or mix with water or juice.

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