Our Liposomal Delivery Sysem

Our Liposomal Delivery Sysem

At Regenrus, we make it our mission to formulate products which make a strong impact in the lives of our customers. It is our holistic mission to support the highest good in the body as well as in the world. When it comes to sourcing, we use quality ingredients from values-aligned forward-thinking producers, manufacturers, and partners; in our business model, we give back to our unique Social Impact Community and Mindful Marketplace; and for the potent bio-actives our ingredients contain, it means delivering them into the body in the safest and effective way possible: liposomal encapsulation. Today we take a look at this cutting-edge and wholly incredible way of giving your body the carefully selected ingredients that make up our two flagship products, REGEN and REST. 

Before we begin, we must thank our manufacturing partner, Empirical Labs, for bringing their expertise in liposomal encapsulation to bear on our product offerings. Empirical Labs maintains a standard of excellence that has kept them in business for 28 years. We are constantly amazed by their quality control standards and attention to detail, and we are so excited to be moving forward with this world-class team. Much of this blog post comes from a founders call where CEO of Empirical Labs, Kelly Goyen, dove into the science behind this technology. 

The Problem: Absorption 

Often when we ingest supplements, herbs and generally healthy foods and remedies, we are looking to reap the benefits of the helpful ingredients and compounds contained within. It’s easy to assume, and most people do, that if they are taking a vitamin, their body is absorbing and using the vitamin efficiently. In reality, this is not the case, and sometimes only 5%-10% of a compound will actually be absorbed by the body – but it's not the body’s fault. The body operates as it is supposed to. Instead, the problem lies with the way that we are delivering the nutrients to our bodies. If we ingest ingredients that do not pass from our digestive system into our bloodstream with ease, the body does what it can with it, and the rest is either broken down or passed as waste. However, the body has internal mechanisms that can be harnessed to increase the absorption of ingredients (often called bioavailability). That’s where liposomal encapsulation comes into play. 

The Solution: Liposomes and Phosphatidylcholine 

Our body is smart. Uncovering once hidden mysteries of its functions continuously creates opportunities to harness the natural intelligence of our physiology for health, wellness, and continued virility. Every cell in our body is like a tiny droplet of water wrapped tight in a double layered skin called the "Cellular Membrane". Liposomes mimic these membranes using some of the same compounds used to build them, phosphatidylcholine (PC). Our cells transmit compounds through their protective membranes using a variety of different mechanisms which limit how quickly compounds enter into their protected interiors. Liposomes, however, are made up of the same phospholipids as your cell membranes and are able to merge directly with your cells to deliver our ingredients quickly and efficiently to the interior of the cell, a science that has been developing for decades. Like tiny bubbles of nutritious goodness, our liposomes float through your bloodstream to wherever they are needed, like tiny bite-sized snacks for your cells. 

PC itself is critical to your body; from the function of cells themselves to the health of more complex components like the liver, your body loves it! Even if there was nothing in the PC but water, ingesting a liposome would still be beneficial to cell function because all of our cell membranes are made of PC. Even smaller than a red blood cell, highly compatible with our cells and formed to encapsulate multiple ingredients, liposomes are the perfect way to give your cells targeted nourishment. 

How perfect! Compared to traditional methods of delivering healing ingredients to the body, some liposomes can increase bioavailability many-fold. By using them to deliver the kinds of ingredients we have put in both REGEN and REST, we are taking that 5%-10% absorption of compounds and drastically increasing it. Not only do we have the opportunity to more effectively help the body facilitate its own health and wellness, we can more efficiently source ingredients because we do not need to overpack our products with large volumes of compounds to still have a tremendous effect. Numerous clinical trials [https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0169409X12002980] and recent breakthroughs continue to validate the science behind these processes. 

Integrating Science, Product and Mission: Doing the Highest Good 

Our continued goal at Regenrus, our mission, and passion is to create product offerings that are developed and sourced in such a way that helps, not hurts people, animals, and our planet. To leverage our business at its very core to give back and create positive social impact. To make products and support products that are so refined in their composition that they are primed to give your body nutrition it needs to support its own immune system regeneration and bodily homeostasis, with the highest efficacy and contemporary technology possible. 

These are not separate tasks, but a unifying ethos and methodology that we strive to show through all of our work, like facets of a cut crystal. Utilizing liposomal delivery to give the potent and powerful ingredients in REGEN and REST to your body is one such facet –– a technical one –– but one that directly mirrors our business practices as a whole: aligning with nature (in this case the natural processes of our very cells) to create good in you and the world. 

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