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Interview With Dr. Santiago Rodriguez: The History And Benefits of Aloe Vera Extract

An Interview with  Doctor Santiago Rodriguez The following feature on Acemannan, an active ingredient in Aloe vera, is paraphrased and extracted from an interview conducted between Regenrus and Dr. Santiago Rodriguez. The claims made here are not official statements by Regenrus, and they should not be considered or inferred as such, specifically in regard to effects of these ingredients in the body. These claims should not be taken as assertion of fact by Regenrus or any affiliated party. Meet Dr. Santiago Dr. Santiago Rodriguez was born and raised in the balmy tropics of Costa Rica, surrounded by a lush tapestry of biodiverse flora. Coming from a family of both scientists and natural product users, he became interested in the science...

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Meet Turmeric: An Ancient Regenerative Ally

Turmeric, considered holy in India and used in Hindu ceremony for millennia, has gained popularity for its plentiful enriching properties and uses to keeping us healthy in our toxic, modern world. Not only is this sacred root great for natural dying, making delicious curry, and helping facilitate a glowing complexion, but it also is abundant with ways it helps the body maintain health. At Regenrus, we believe that a path to a healthy, fulfilling life is aided by supporting our bodies and giving back to the world. Our ethical ingredient sourcing standards and the natural power of Turmeric do both. Let’s take a look!  Turmeric is a core ingredient in our highly anticipated product REGEN. Together with our chosen plant...

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Our Liposomal Delivery Sysem

At Regenrus, we make it our mission to formulate products which make a strong impact in the lives of our customers. It is our holistic mission to support the highest good in the body as well as in the world. When it comes to sourcing, we use quality ingredients from values-aligned forward-thinking producers, manufacturers, and partners; in our business model, we give back to our unique Social Impact Community and Mindful Marketplace; and for the potent bio-actives our ingredients contain, it means delivering them into the body in the safest and effective way possible: liposomal encapsulation. Today we take a look at this cutting-edge and wholly incredible way of giving your body the carefully selected ingredients that make up our two...

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