First Fridays Denton | Yoga on the Square

Enjoy two yoga styles, slow flow and laughter yoga, on the Square


FREE per person


45min  –  1h

About this experience

Join us for first yoga on the square series in support of First Fridays Denton. We will offer two classes each firday morning.  



Slow Flow yoga is one of our most popular and sought after classes and will begin at 9 am. 

Slow Flow helps you find the space between poses while still retaining the gentle rhythm of a Vinyasa yoga class. With fewer transitions we are able to focus on our breath within poses, while continuing to reap the benefits of improved strength, flexibility and mobility. 


Laughter Yoga which is one of our newest additions is a fun and uniuqe experience for all and will begin at 10am 

Laughter yoga promotes laughter as a form of exercise along with breathing techniques that bring about physiological and chemical changes that are conducive to good health. This class is all about reconnecting with your playful inner child by practicing simple laughter exercises so that you may reap the health benefits laughter has to offer (benefits like reduced stress, enhanced mood, less pain, weight loss, connection.) Laughter yoga is accessible to all and appropriate for every age. You can practice while seated or standing. No yoga mat or other equipment is required. 

Where:  On the Denton Square We are located underneath Barley and Board Restaurant in the TX Red Brick Building. Enter to the left side of Barley and Board and go downstairs or elevator.  We have another door located on Locust Street just walk down between TX building and Purple Opera House/Recycled books and door is on the left.  

Costs*: FREE

Bring: Your own yoga mat, comfortable clothes, water, and any other tools to support your practice


A portion of the cost of your experience is being donated to RegenrusCARES™ our 501(c)(3) on behalf of people, animals and our planet.

Your Host

Host image

Peyton Overton!
Yoga instructor, tarot/oracle reader, & artist.
I have 2 cats and love to find beauty in hidden places.
I hold yoga classes that invite you to get embodied and actualize your dream life. By moving energy and emotions with intention, you can create a window to move out of stuck feelings and into your higher self!
My readings and artwork serve a similar purpose. My specialty in the readings I give are to find the points of information the reader needs to hear in order to pave a way of alignment, confidence, and clarity. I see myself as a guide and supporter to actualize your dream life. Many times we block ourselves from what the universe wants to give us, because we don't want to look at things that can feel scary. It our darkest spaces hold the most powerful medicines to transformation.
The transformative custom paintings that I offer are pieces of energy work to remind the person of the version of themselves they desire to incorporate, embody, and become. At the same time, they already are all of these things. This painting serves as a devotion to remembering. I recommend this option after a reading is done on the person. This would create space to collaborate on what they are wanting specifically. It also gives me time to pick up on their energy and craft a piece that will speak to them!

Nissa Gordon
Hi friends! I’m Nissa. My first introduction into yoga was 1995 when I, along with a few college girlfriends scored a 28-day yoga practice at Recycled Books! This was long before the internet or yoga classes were highly accessible and so it wasn’t until I returned to UNT in 2007 that I started taking classes and practicing yoga regularly.
Despite becoming distracted and falling out of my practice within various seasons of my life, I have always returned to yoga. When COVID hit, I knew I was going to need more tools to manage my girls shift to distance learning, so I jumped headfirst into a 200 YTT program. Since then, I have completed 500 hours of yoga teacher training through Yoga Farms Ithaca, and laughter yoga training through Laughter Yoga International.
After toying with the idea of launching Om Sweet Dome Yoga for 1,825 days…. I am truly grateful to be in this moment and to share these practices with you! Sat Nam.