Meditation Leads To Holistic Regeneration

Meditation Leads To Holistic Regeneration

Regeneration through meditation can occur on many levels -- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. A process of metamorphosis can be achieved through stillness and mental clarity, which can bring about great healing.

Just as a healthy immune system responds to problems in the body and helps us defend against further pain, meditation can help the mind liberate from negative patterns, which facilitates a holistic regeneration of the way we live and our path forward.

At any moment, we can choose to close our eyes, breathe, clear our mind (to the best of our ability) and feel a sense of “beginning again” -- resetting our systems.

Spiritual Regeneration

Meditation can bring about an experience -- a rebirth -- that can allow for a deeper sense of purpose and understanding of self in relation to the world around us. Our relationship with our spiritual connection is deepened through a meditative practice providing access to higher wisdom.

When we use meditation practices to clear ourselves of thought, emotion, and ego, we open ourselves to be a conduit for positive energies. This can translate on a daily basis to humility, kindness, and compassion for ourselves and others.

Meditation clears us spiritually to connect to our intuition easier, become more conscious in our daily lives and access a profound level of presence. When we choose to intentionally practice meditation, we are restoring our soul and creating more spaciousness within us to give back to the world.

Physical Regeneration 

Your mind can heal your body. “Each of us holds the keys to a pharmacy containing a dazzling array of healing compounds: our own brain…Our brains are themselves generating drugs similar to those that the doctor is prescribing for us,” stated Dawson Church, author of The Genie in Your Genes. Meditation has been shown to support mental and physical health in a variety of ways, including cardiovascular health and boosts mood levels. 

The body’s response to deep relaxation can be a decrease in metabolism, a lowering of blood pressure, improved heart rate, breathing and brainwaves according to Dr. Herbert Benson, who is a professor, author, cardiologist and founder of Harvard’s Mind/Body Medical Institute. Calming the mind allows the body to slow down and in the process, the body can restore its natural 

Emotional Regeneration

Meditation puts you in touch with your inner landscape and who you are at your essence. Often times we are sensitive to other people and the emotions that they are projecting. We need to understand what we are feeling is actually our own emotions.

Through meditation, we can differentiate between what is ours and what is not. Meditation can help us realize that we are not our emotions but instead, a response to what we experience.

Meditation helps us loosen the grip on clingy emotions and reconnect with our authentic self. Primordial Sound Meditation is a practice that can allow the mind to detach from its usual patterns and focus on an object of attention to allow the emotions to release. In this focused yet calm place, the mind can let go and learn to heal our emotions. To regenerate means to restore to a healthier state or to recreate -- rebirth -- our earth and ourselves.

Try it for yourself! Follow this short-guided meditation. 

  1. Close your eyes. 
  2. Take 3 of the deepest breaths you can.
  3. Imagine an inner smile inside your chest. 
  4. Allow yourself to smile. 
  5. Breathe normally. 
  6. If a thought arises, simply let it turn into a cloud and let it float away. 
  7. Sit and be in stillness and silence for 5 minutes. 

A practice of daily meditation can bring about deep restoration on all levels of our being. A mind is a powerful tool, and we can learn to tame it, harness it and let it be at peace so that we can heal ourselves. When we take the time to honor ourselves and discipline our self-love in this way, we will have more energy and power to offer the world. 

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