How To Get Motivated And Stay Active On The Weekend

How To Get Motivated And Stay Active On The Weekend

A huge portion of the American population spends forty-plus hours per week at an office or in front of the computer. Perhaps that is you. You might experience the obstacle of finding time and ways to keep your body moving and stay fit in your daily life. Without a doubt, it requires a level of ambition and determination to incorporate more activity into your life.

However, there are many activities that can fill your weekend with fun, team building, and exercise. It begins with a shift of attitude and perspective to get up and move during your time-off and an exploration into which activities motivate and excite you to participate in. Here are some ways to motivate yourself and out-of-the-box ideas of fulfilling activities you can do.

Imagine Your Healthiest Self

Take time to vision yourself as the fittest, healthy, happy, and thriving person you could be. Ask yourself: “What it would feel and look like to be in my most optimal state of being?” “In what ways have I have not been contributing to this version of myself in the past?” “What would need to change my life in order to become strong, healthy, and physically fit?” Spending the time to imagine your fullest potential and review the small changes you could make in your life will motivate you toward setting your own health and fitness goals.

Set Goals for Your Growth

Once you have clarified the vision for your highest health potential, setting goals will support you in achieving your vision. Write down your one-month, three-month, six-month, and one-year goals. These goals don’t necessarily have to be limited to weight loss, muscle gain, or amount of time spent doing certain activities. You can also set goals like finish planting the garden by one month, sign up and begin playing softball with a team by three months, or be a part of a dance performance by six months. Once you have your goals laid out, you can begin to break down the tasks that would need to happen in order to achieve each one of the goals. Before you know it, you will feel empowered and use your free-time to better your wellbeing and get moving!

Research Local Group Activities

It is inevitable that there are softball teams, soccer teams, biking collectives, dance troupes, or theater groups that you can be a part of. It’s helpful to join a group that meets regularly to hold you accountable for showing up for yourself. By joining a team, you’re also building up your skills and ability to work well in a group, which is a highly valuable attribute to have. Through working in a team, you could also find your own leadership development within the process. Take the time to explore what teams you could be a part of that would keep you active and accountable in your community.

Go on Adventures

Make each weekend a new exploration. Whether it is experiencing your city differently by walking, skating the streets and getting lost, biking out to a place in nature that you’ve never been before, or taking a camping and hiking trip, you can make an adventure out of anything. Adventures are exciting, fun, and allow you to stay in appreciation of the land you live on and the thrill of travel. You might consider joining Hipcamp, a website that offers unique camping experiences around the US.

Volunteer at a Farm or Garden (Or Start Your Own)

Working on the land can bring a deeper connection to the earth, empowerment through learning how to be self-sufficient, and increase your level of peace and joy. Gardening and farming is a great way to give back to your community and the earth while learning new skills and stay active. Through cultivating food and learning about soil, we can begin to take back our organic food sovereignty as people while building a strong community foundation. Find a local community garden or farm near you to find out how you can get involved and use your physical energy to produce food! 

When the desire is there to move your body and get in shape, it’s always best to get creative with how to live an active lifestyle in your free-time and consider stacked benefits of fun, creativity, service, learning, and team-building. This way, it doesn’t seem like a chore to workout. Having the right attitude and a plan to guide you in the process is helpful to stay on track but also stay compassionate with yourself in the process. It takes time to get into a good rhythm of fitness. Regenrus promotes regenerative lifestyles that include being healthy and active and incorporating holistic practices into everything you do. Our products are excellent additions to your active lifestyle to support your overall wellbeing.

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