The Journey Continues

The Journey Continues

Regenrus’ very existence is around awakening within, rising up through a transformative process of regeneration and generosity in everything we do. Regenrus as an Integrated Health and Wellness “for profit” benefit company, chooses purpose before profit and is proud to be a company that is good for the world. After all, True Care is Care in Action which we accomplish through our Regenrus Cares Initiatives serving people, animals and our planet.  

2018 as our beginning year led us to first focus on innovation surrounding our social enterprise business model and developing the very best consciously crafted synergistic blends through the support of our scientific leaders and holistic advisors. 2018 we focused on Wellness products bringing to market REGEN our flagship product to bring our body, mind and heart into balance; REST a perfect balance of Western and Eastern herbal traditions formulated to maximize the impact of your night-time cycles on your daytime energy and mental acuity along with SOOTHE a Joint and Muscle Crème to penetrate deep into sore muscles and joints to cool and calm soreness associated with active lifestyles, overworked muscles and stressed joints.  

In 2018 we launched our social sharing affiliate business model and began sharing Regenrus to build a community of heart-centered socially conscious people and entrepreneurs. Together we are committed to supporting a company of collaborative culture through diversity and inclusivity globally so that we can “Be the Change” we want to see in the world. 

We were blessed with building an incredibly strong Ohana tribe of phenomenal women during our very first meeting in Knoxville, TN in May of 2018. Our Knoxville tribe is led by our Be the Change Founding Leaders, Carol Montgomery, founder of Green Village Green and Carolyn A. Jones co-founder of Holistic Institute of Wellness with her life and business partner Jana Kadovitz. Since our very first event to now, they continue to thrive and grow stronger through the fabulous support of the affiliate and practitioner members who use the products faithfully and love to share with others to spread the purpose behind Regenrus. 


In 2019 we added a clean, certified non-toxic Skin Care product line of 8 products (CLEAN, POLISH, TONE, AGELESS, GLOW, BODY 7 & LIPS) supporting your SKIN your largest organ. WELLNESS by REGEN and SKIN by REGEN. This was done in order to ensure we could fulfill our purpose to be the change and make a difference through transparency. to transparency by walking authentically on our journey to find the very best people who together wanted to change the world 

Innovating highest quality non-toxic products, leveraging a tribe of social entrepreneurs growing together to better serve people, animals and our planet. our customers, affiliates, practitioners, community that stands together committed to being a force for good.   

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