Regenrus Hits The Road

Regenrus Hits The Road

Here we GROW! - Road Trip from Colorado to New Mexico with Glenn, Cindy & Emmett having fun while sharing Regenrus all along the way. 

We've begun our journey to developing a mindfully sourced and impact-driven ecosystem of products that regenerate the body and give back to the world. Affiliates and allies are coming to the table with enthusiasm and an appreciation for product and purpose. We are working to source the best ingredients, pushing to develop transparent models for impact, and striving to grow our family of values, with aligned affiliates and product sources. 

All of this magic kicked off, like a lot of magic does, with a road trip! Meet Cindy, our CEO, and Emmett, our President. For the past two weeks, they've been criss crossing across the country on a heart-led mission to align the right people, organizations, production facilities, and community holders to finalize the first product launches and affiliate kick-offs for Regenrus. 

We are excited to share snippets of their story as they worked on building the business and relationships across the country. But moreso, we look forward to sharing the stories and passions of our Leaders and blossoming network of affiliates. The kind of people that have gathered together to participate in our mission and community are good hearted, fascinating, shining individuals...such as Founding Leaders Glenn Head and Donna Koontz, two incredible people that have been instrumental guides for the launch of this good work. 

Boulder Leader Meeting

In Boulder, the team met with a congregation of longtime collaborators and new allies at our first leaders’ meeting. Glenn Head, one of our treasured and inspirational Founding Leaders, made this meeting possible.  The whole team got a chance to discuss the tech behind our first products, and how the combination of Acemannan and CBD (as well as other ethically sourced ingredients) can contribute to the promotion of homeostasis in the Immune, Cardiovascular, Metabolic, and Endocannabinoid Systems. 

There was certainly excitement for the science, but the team was also happy to report that our impact strategy was inspiring and saw great feedback! Among the crowd were doctors, chiropractors, and people with health concerns that had been helped in the past by Acemannan and cannabinoids. We are so grateful to have good-hearted people who want to contribute to the health of people and the planet on board! 

Wumaniti Team Meeting

Cindy and Emmett were honored to have visited with the Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary. These beautiful people are working to build living-wage employment for the Taos Pueblo tribe. Cindy and Emmett were blessed to be inducted as members of Wumaniti, where they participated in a sacred ceremony and were smudged with sage and eagle feathers and sat on a drum journey with Gemma Ra’Star. This experience was truly moving and such an inspiration by these wonderful people. 

Empirical Labs

Empirical-Labs maintains a standard of excellence that has kept them in business for 28 years. The team got a chance to tour their facilities and their manufacturing practices, and we were amazed by their quality control standards and attention to detail. Cindy and Emmett got to “talk shop” about tweaking formulas in order to meet our rigorous standards for products. We are so excited to be moving forward with this world class team. 

Since 2015 they have been working with Dr. Kenneth Proefrock NMD, a well-known educator, leading edge clinician and biochemist.  His experience with liposomes predates theirs. Empirical sold their first vitamin C liposomal in 2009.   Dr. Proefrock was producing injectable and oral liposomes back in 2006. Dr Proefrock has helped them create the next generation of liposomes, which we refer to as the Qualisome™ line. Qualisome™ technology is 100% owned by Empirical Labs and is not licensed from any other company. 

SOCAP Conference

Social Capital Markets is a conference held every year in San Francisco that represents the nexus of impact investing and social entrepreneurship. This event allows investors who want to empower people who are trying to help the world make money doing it, and the entrepreneurs who have the ideas, skills, passions, and dreams to make a difference, can come together to make a positive impact on the world together. Cindy and Emmett had a chance to go and experience a wealth of content about B Corporations, cutting edge agricultural practices, mindful entrepreneurship, and so much more. Here’s Emmett reunited with Hunter Loving, after having the opportunity to spend time with her at an earlier meeting held near her office in Colorado. Hunter was a SOCAP Key Note speaker and has been a champion of sustainable development for 40+ years! 

Jamaica Stevens

Jamaica Stevens has worked in community design and forward thinking intentional community engagement for a decade. Cindy and Emmett had the great pleasure of meeting with her back in Portland. Community design is one of the core works that we are currently engaged in while bringing this heart-centered project to life. They discussed process and organizational design to nurture the mutual support network we are building. It was an inspiring and affirming conversation. 

Diversity Meeting with Christo Vu

Diversity is a key goal of Regenrus’ long-term plan, so Emmett and Cindy sourced advice in Portland from an expert named Christo Vu. Mr. Vu has pioneered diversity initiatives in the tech industry to great impact and success. He’s sat on diversity councils at Google, and facilitated diversity-focused hackathons in an effort to change the tech community. The team got a chance to talk about how to intentionally develop a platform for more diversity and to make an impact in underserved communities. 

Chae Organics

Colorado-based Chae Organics is a toxic free organic manufacturer that works primarily in cosmetics. Their values, processes, deep attention to quality, and caliber of product all bring them right in line with the kinds of organizations we want to build lasting relationships with. Cindy and Emmett got to sample products, and we are looking forward to the opportunity to work with them to develop proprietary skin care formulas. 

Cindy is excited to support and partner with woman-owned businesses - Linda Chae's life work represents forty three years of research, development, dedication and vision, as one of the nation’s most innovative aroma-therapist and skincare formulators.  Many products carry the USDA Certified BioBased Seal, making them safe for our fragile environment. 


Emmett and Cindy had a great time on the road gathering community and pushing forward our product design, impact models, and community development. These special moments are just a little taste of their road trip. We are grateful for all of the inspiring people and organizations that our team had the honor of meeting on the road. Keep up with our blog for content covering every aspect of the Regenrus project, from the science behind the products to the measurable impact we seek to create in the world, from our progress in developing the business to inspirational and uplifting stories and moments from our family of passionate entrepreneurs. 

Look out for more memories and adventures from this trip in future posts! 

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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