Meet The Founder: CIndy Tysinger

Meet The Founder: CIndy Tysinger

The following profile feature explores the background and character of Cindy Tysinger, Founder and Chief Culture Officer of Regenrus. 

As a young girl growing up, Cindy always had a passion for learning and eagerly began her career with the Department of Defense as an early adapter in technology at the tender age of 16. She discovered that as a result of becoming one of the first female leaders in her field, she was able to empower other women to have the courage to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true – no matter what. She realized at a very young age that each of us has the ability to inspire others in some way, and this experience shaped her servant heart leadership style. From that time on, she simply knew that she would make a living by making a difference in the lives of others. 

Now 60 years old, Cindy is a highly accomplished CCO and Founder of Regenrus, a woman-owned Social Impact Benefit corporation. Still today, she considers courage to be one of the most important qualities of a leader. She demonstrates that at the forefront of an evolving movement to be a business that seeks to Be a Force for Good (TM) while building a caring community of businesses and individuals collaborating to do the same. 

Like many of us, Cindy has a variety of roles on any given day.  While she is our company Founder and Chief Culture Officer, she is also a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Mentor and soon to be Grandmother! 

If you were to search for her on Social Media, you would discover a highly successful, award-winning entrepreneurial businesswoman. As an experienced Chief Executive Officer, with a proven track record working successfully in the direct selling industry since 1996, she is well respected by clients and colleagues alike. Cindy has received numerous awards and is known for always striving to go above and beyond, as well as her deep commitment to giving back. Her professional profile outlines her many and varied accomplishments in the world of technology that span her career of 40+ years. 

Cindy grew up in a military family, where she was taught to acknowledge change as a constant factor and to embrace it with a beautiful curiosity for the new. Over the years, that perspective has proven to be a valuable asset as a leader in the high-speed ever-changing technology sector. 

Cindy specializes in organizational culture and leadership.  The concept of a Regenrus conscious care community, a sort of eco-system in itself, is designed to propel people toward a better version of themselves so that they can more meaningfully touch the lives of others.  She has led hundreds of people with her ability to establish a culture of trust, accountability, and empowerment. Cindy is committed to growing our Social Impact Community in that same light. 

The coming together of a truly powerful group of individuals, representing 700+ years of combined experience comprising our  Executive, Board, and Management teams would not be possible without the efforts and drive of Cindy. Collectively, 400+ of those combined years represent experience in the direct and retail sales channels. Interestingly, the common thread in this powerhouse of experience and wisdom is a desire to make a greater difference IN and FOR the world. For Cindy, it's a journey in the next chapter of her life. One that her path has been leading her to all along -- where she gathers together and grows her Ohana, her global family. Where her vision for the future that she carries in her heart can come to fruition, and a legacy for a new way to do business - is born. I have had the privilege of watching her in action for over 20 years and one of the things that I have always appreciated is her ability to inspire a sincere and deep loyalty.  She creates the environment where people show up to work because they want to, not because they have to. Likely because she simply leads by example. Cindy would never ask anyone to work in a way that she wasn’t willing to do herself. She is truly one of those who is always "the last to eat”. The genuine common vision that we all hold is inspiring a level of cooperation and collaboration, resulting in remarkable outcomes. The thing that is so powerful is that this is standard procedure for the work culture that Cindy establishes. True care is care in action, and it is demonstrated for each other and the growing Regenrus community every day.      

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