The Women Behind SKIN by REGEN: Jessica

The Women Behind SKIN by REGEN: Jessica

Jessica frequently jokes that while she was born in Virginia, she was raised in the east. Jessica has lived in Florida, Vermont and many places in between. She now views this as a blessing because she had the opportunity to make more friends than most. Even with the frequent moves, her immediate and extended family always made time for one another. Jessica spent many summers making memories alongside her aunts, uncles and cousins.

Jessica believes her childhood was a bit of an adventure because she was able to reinvent herself in every new town she called home. This skill led to Jessica spending her high school years in theater and relishing in the art of performing. One of her theater projects was to perform educational skits for a few of the local elementary schools. She enjoyed seeing the children engaged in the story and asking thoughtful questions of the cast after each performance.

Those experiences eventually led Jessica to teaching. Her passion for making educational content fun and entertaining was fueled by her keen understanding how people learn. Jessica taught third and fourth grade for ten years. In that time, she earned Teacher of the Year and was awarded grants to create and use e-Learning tools within her classroom. Through her work with online learning, Jessica was able to find fun and engaging ways to help her students learn, and retain, information through technology.

In 2016, another dream became a reality for Jessica. She was given the opportunity to use her skills in online instruction and become an Instructional Designer at GSATi – a small business started by her aunt, Cindy Tysinger. The importance of family (with or without blood ties) was always been a shared value among all her relatives. Having the chance to work side-by-side (although virtually) was impossible to pass up. Jessica moved her passion from the classroom to the world of online instruction.

Always having a thirst for knowledge, she knows to turn to the experts when needed. One day, Jessica’s 17 year-old daughter, Macy, asked for some tips to establish a good skincare routine. In this area, Jessica was clueless. They attempted purchasing products that claimed to be good for her skin, his skin, oily, dry, acne, anti-aging, and so on. What they ended up with was bathroom vanities full of products that turned out to be HARMFUL for their skin. That’s when Jessica called her cousin, Tiffany, a celebrity-make-up artist and Esthetician for advice. From there, the idea of an all-natural, gender-neutral and toxic-free skincare line was born.

Through the tutelage of Tiffany and Kristin, Jessica has attained the knowledge needed to be able to repair, replenish and maintain healthy skin. She now understands how ingredients found in Mother Nature, such as Aloe, Lavender, Hemp, Helichrysum and Glacier Silt are the most effective at providing gentle healing and proper nutrients for our skin. We ALL want to achieve that youthful glow… yes, even the men folk.

Jessica’s new passion is taking what she has learned and packaging it into easy to understand, follow and share mini-training’s and placing them into YOUR hands. We want your skin-care, as well as health and wellness, education to be a “one-stop-shop” in our Regenrus Academy. In this learning community, you will learn about the impact of nature’s ingredients have on your body – from the inside out – and how Regenrus sources organically, provides socially, and gives lovingly to People, Animals, and Planet.

Benjamin Franklin once quipped, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Join us in this adventure and be a part of making this skincare line a game-changer for all families, genders, skin-types, etc. Click the link below to opt-in for updates on SKIN by REGEN so you will know when we launch!

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