Meet The Passionate Women Behind SKIN by REGEN

Meet The Passionate Women Behind SKIN by REGEN

Tiffany, Kristin and Jessica. They are excited about helping you to LOVE your Skin 

What is SKINbyREGEN? 

Regenrus is Intentionally Innovative - Every ingredient in our products are carefully selected to benefit our body and therefore our health without harmful additives such as synthetics, chemicals or toxins. With every product, beginning at the source, we encourage and support regenerative practices. We work with farmers producing organic, non-GMO, pesticide- and heavy-metal free plants that become healing ingredients in our products. We align with suppliers that have a social impact when sourcing our ingredients to help us in our everlasting commitment to improve our products and their impact on the world. We donate 4% of all products sold to causes related to people, animals and our planet. Our initial classic skin care line will include only the cleanest ingredients you can trust in a Cleanser, Toner, Exfoliator, Serum, Face Oil, Face and Body Moisturizer. SKIN by REGEN products are designed to be gender neutral and are formulated to be good for the whole family thereby providing great VALUE not having to purchase different products for everyone in your household. Regenrus will initially market domestically and then in 2020 expand globally leveraging our Regenrus Shares Affiliate Program of inspired leaders and our heart centered social conscious community. 

Tiffany Taylor

Founder of BeYOUtify, Esthetician, Professional Celebrity Makeup Artist, Skin Care Expert, Microblading and Eyebrow Specialist with over a decade of experience in Bridal, Fashion and Stage Makeup. Tiffany is passionate about bringing out the best in YOU so you feel beautiful in your skin. She loves educating her clients on what ingredients they should be putting on their skin and in their bodies. It is not all about makeup it is about enhancing your beauty within and letting it shine through to help build confidence for women for their everyday look as well as special events as a beautiful bride. Tiffany knows no stranger and has a heart as big as Texas wanting to make a significant positive difference in our world. She gives her time to countless volunteer groups and does charitable work for organizations. 

Tiffany is daughter to Cindy Tysinger Founder of Regenrus and she is excited about co-founding SKINbyREGEN a clean non-toxic skin care line with her family as it has been one of her dreams. It is important knowing she can fully trust the products she has brought to the market and is recommending to her clients, friends and family. Regenrus is a family business of generations working together to Be the Change we want to see in this world for current and future generations. As an amazing Wife and Mom to a fun loving rambunctious toddler she lives life to the fullest and loves experiencing and traveling the world with them.  

Kristin Ditto

Former NFL Cheerleader, Pro Cheer Director and Dynamic, Global Entrepreneur, contributes 20+ years in the Sports and Entertainment Industry working along side numerous Celebrities. She has served at the helm of some of the most highly acclaimed and recognizable sports brands in the world as a Performer and Director of Women's Sports Teams. She is a dynamic, self starter who prides herself on hard work, determination and a desire to become successful in all aspects of her life and is committed to evolving with SKINbyREGEN as Founding Ambassador. Kristin believes in the Regenrus mission “Good for the Whole” and through her passion for skin care, her goal is to educate women on the importance of achieving the glow of life from the inside out. As Founding Ambassador, her purpose is to empower and enhance the entrepreneurial spirit by collaborating, creating and connecting with individuals on their journey to Inspiring.True.Wellness. Wife and Mom of two amazing teenage boys and Wonderful Husband of 25 years! 

Jessica Alexander

Instructional Designer Extraordinaire with a focus on e-learning platforms and former teacher for a decade. Her core belief that “knowledge is power” means that no great work can be done without knowledge. Knowledge is a powerful factor that empowers people to achieve great results. Her foray into the world of skincare is just beginning and, with Tiffany and Kristin’s assistance, she is enjoying uncovering the “secrets” of attaining youthful skin through the use of nature’s plants, herbs, antioxidants and minerals. 

Jessica is the daughter of Brenda Raley Co-Founder of Regenrus and she is proud to be a co-founder of SKINbyREGEN. She is excited to be working with skincare experts in the creation of skincare training that is easy and informative for all. Our Regenrus Academy will be a one-stop learning experience for everything from “Easy as 1-2-3” basic skincare routine to the benefits of hemp on all skin-types. An avid traveler, Jessica enjoys connecting with other cultures and people and seeking understanding in new perspectives. She also has a passion for helping others through service to her community and in Regenrus' social impact mission to make positive change for People, Animals, and the Planet. Jessica is mom to three amazing children, and wife to her wonderful husband.  

Why Are Tiffany & Kristin So Excited About SKIN by REGEN?

Kristin and Tiffany have been skin care collaborators for over a decade, often "dreaming up" the ultimate classic skin care line at the local Starbucks! From the beginning, the thought process was to work with a company that would be the first of it's kind and design an organic, clean, and non toxic skin care line derived with the most exclusive formulations and scientifically backed with proven ingredients as formulated by SKIN by REGEN. 

With Tiffany's already successful BeYoutify business, it was a natural fit to partner with long time friend, Kristin on all things skin care! Both ladies are highly passionate about using their backgrounds to establish a dominate and credible presence in the beauty industry on educating and advocating others on the importance of inner and outer wellness. Through Regenrus, a woman-owned and led, science based, heart-centered social impact community, they are able to give back for the greater good of the whole and to make a profound social impact! This is key to their success and they encourage others to join us on on our journey to a healthier you by taking care of their skin and total body wellness. Please support us today by pre-ordering these exclusive products and formulations designed for the whole family and start creating your best self today! 

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