Behind the Mask - Five Tips to Keep Your Skin Looking Healthy

Behind the Mask - Five Tips to Keep Your Skin Looking Healthy


Meet Kristin

Kristin is a Founding Ambassador of SKIN by REGEN, our clean, non-toxic, gender- neutral skin care line that’s good for the whole family. Her passion for skin care excellence began at a young age when she began performing at countless recitals and pageants. 

She is former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and had an illustrious career in the Sports and Entertainment Field. She focused both on her own skin care routine as well as coached many young women to learn the positive ways to care for their skin while maintaining the rigors of sports entertainment.

Now you know a little about Kristin, let’s get to her 5 tips so you can begin your journey to an improved skin care routine:

TIP 1 – The Number One Thing – Consistency There are so many products out there, and people are bombarded with influencers who are trying new products regularly. It is crucial to find a skin care routine and stick with it. You will want products that are as clean as possible. That does not mean you have to do totally organic, but you will want products that are made from many natural ingredients that nourish your skin. Healthy skin comes from nourishing inside and out, so try to keep your diet as healthy as possible and drink lots of water. For your routine, you want to clean, tone and moisturize at the very least. Your routine should look something like this: 

AM Routine:  1. Clean thoroughly and Pat Dry;  2. Use a good toner ideally alcohol free; 3. Moisturize lightly, don't forget eye area;  4. Use a good sunscreen SPF 30 or higher. A tinted moisturizer is good because you get some coverage without the heaviness. It’s better for our current mask wearing situation. 

PM Routine: 1. Clean twice – once to remove dirty, debris and makeup and again to allow those good ingredients to penetrate your skin; 2. Tone – even at night, it helps to open skin to receive products better;  3. Serums to get the most out of your routine with jammed packed anti-aging ingredients; 4. Moisturize with a game changing moisturizer. One that really nourishes your skin. To be transparent, one of my game changing products is retinol. I get mine from a dermatologist to ensure I’m getting the best product. Bottom line – find a skin care line that puts your skin in harmony and balance

Tip 2  –  Keep Safe with a Mask and Add Extra Care for Your Skin.  We want you to wear masks to stay safe. Unfortunately, wearing a mask can wreak  havoc and strip our skin of vital nutrients. 

We need to fight back to regain essential  oxygen and hydration in our daily skin care routine.  Masks block the flow of natural fresh air from reaching our skin and can inhibit the skin from feeling nourished and balanced. 

Moisture can creep in and build up, creating a breeding environment for bacteria to grow and spread. The re-usage of such masks can lead to further spread of bacteria.  

 Additionally, masks lock in heat and can cause inflammation and irritation to already sensitive skin.It's time to commit ourselves to a regime that will keep our skin clean, happy and balanced. This is also why double cleansing becomes even  more essential. Wear minimal makeup with a mask. 

Adjust your products to be lightweight,  calming and rejuvenating. That's why I like a tinted moisturizer layered on top of  your clean product. You get that evening of tone and probably some sunscreen while giving your skin a little break.

Tip 3 – Look for Products that are Certified Non Toxic and Organic. These terms have become as much a marketing term as a descriptor for the product you are using. And not everything organic is good for you. Remember that natural does not mean organic, so looking for that certification badge and really reading the ingredients lists are crucial.  You don’t want additives so stick to those clean products. You want to see that the products are tested and certified. That is what we do at SKINbyREGEN and while it may take a little longer, we know that our ingredients are clean and certified non-toxic.

Tip 4 – Water, More Water and then Have Some More Your skin reflects your overall health. You want to consume and use holistic ingredients to achieve both healthy skin and overall wellness. Hydration is number one. Have to hydrate yourself from the inside out. This flushes all the toxins while improving your overall wellbeing.

If you can, start your day with hot water and lemon. This detoxifies the system, and if you have allergies may help with congestion. Keeping to holistic skin care lines will support all this internal hydration. Don’t forget the sunscreen, even if you are sitting at home. Sun is drying and damaging. 

As temperatures drop and we run indoor heaters, that also dries out your skin and your system. Keep hydrating with no-caffeine liquids such as herbal teas. They will keep you warm while hydrating as well!

Tip 5 – My Personal Routine to Achieve Healthy Skin I am VERY consistent with my skin care routine. It does not matter where I am or what is going on, I follow it no matter what. As I laid out in the first tip, it’s cleansing twice a day at least, more if I feel I need it, then moisturize lightly in the morning followed by sunscreen. 

At the end of the day I cleanse again, exfoliate twice a week to remove dead skin. After exfoliating, I always follow with toner and then I nourish my skin with a  serum and hydrating moisturizer. I let my products sit on my skin before I rub them in to give my skin a chance to absorb all those wonderful vitamins and trace minerals. Hyaluronic acid is another game changer for me. It provides your skin with moisture it loses, especially with all the mask wearing we are doing now.

Words from Kristin Ditto

Remember to really read the labels and look for those certifications. Know your products. Look for products that are non-toxic, chemical free, non-GMO and certified. Take good care of your skin and you will reap the rewards! Your skin is your body's largest organ, so it's important to take good care of it. 

November is National Healthy Skin Month and this year we want to help you Achieve #YourHealthiestSkin. Follow these tips to develop a skin care routine that helps your skin look and feel its best. You can learn more about SKIN by REGEN, our products, our hero ingredients and how to have some fun with a Virtual Sip and Spa by visiting Regenrus to see our SKIN by REGEN collection

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