Regenrus Rings in Fifth Anniversary with Best for the World Recognition

Regenrus Rings in Fifth Anniversary with Best for the World Recognition

(Denton, Texas, August 24, 2022) ---

In a season of uncertainty and adversity, Regenrus is emerging as the innovate health and wellness B Corp™ company to watch. This month marks the company’s fifth anniversary, a milestone that came on the heels of B Corp™ naming them as a 2022 Best for the World™ company. This honor is in recognition of its excellence in both governance and community.

 “We knew we wanted to become a B-Corp when we first started the company in 2017,” says Cindy Love Tysinger, the company’s Founder and Chief Culture Officer.  “To have achieved this recognition while celebrating our five-year anniversary is not only a dream come true, it’s a testament to our commitment for creating a better world for current and future generations.”

The company had a meteoric rise in the first two years of inception, followed by a sharp thirty percent decline during the height of the pandemic hit. “We were a young company and, like many others, were faced with challenges relating to the pandemic,” said Tysinger. “Sales were down, we could have given up. However, instead of focusing on what we didn’t have, we chose to dig deeper and build a stronger foundation that would become a launching pad/sustain us for future/etc.” Over the past twelve months, the company has achieved multiple major victories/accomplishments, including launching their nonprofit, RegenrusCARES™, gaining 501(c)3 status, updating their technology, achieving B-Corp status, and launching a brick-and-mortar wellness center in the heart of Denton, Texas.

Throughout the past five years, the lean team worked tirelessly to become the change they want to see in the world. Their efforts are paying off for the benefit of the whole. Not only did the company achieve all of their strategic goals, but they are also experiencing a 24% growth in their customer base, a 16% increase in orders, and have generated over $30,000 for RegenrusCARES™ to serve others in need in a down economy.

“We strive to be regenerative in all that we do for the benefit of all people, animals and our planet before profit.” Regenrus is at the forefront of integrative wellness, combining the healing elements of nature to nourish, detoxify, and regenerate the whole person from the inside out. From their mindful balance of organic supplemental nutritional support and certified non-toxic skin care to the variety of services offered through their Wellness Center, it’s no wonder that B-Corp acknowledged Regenrus as one of the top-performing B Corps in the world.

 The company is recognized for generating the greatest positive impact in two categories – community and governance. This speaks not only to their commitment for providing quality products, but also to their commitment to supporting the growth and development of their local, national, and global community. The visionary leaders behind Regenrus are fully committed to providing a collective haven for holistic living.” It’s easy to see why B Corp ranks Regenrus in the top 5% Best for the World of all B Corps in their corresponding size group.

Best for the World presents an opportunity for recognized companies to collaborate and share best practices within the B Corp community and businesses outside of the community to promote continued conscious innovation around the world. As a family-owned, women-led, heart-centered, and science-based B-Corp, the health and wellness of individuals and the community is at the forefront of Regenrus’ business initiatives. The company is committed to helping their growing customer base find their joy and align themselves with holistic wellness.

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