Pamala Vincent - Dare To Be A Badass

Pamala Vincent - Dare To Be A Badass

Born a Navy brat, I’ve traveled anywhere there was water deep enough for ships! But the places I call home are Chicago, Hawaii and now Oregon. Chicago sparked my love of education, Hawaii built an Aloha spirit and a love for people, and Oregon is where I’ve grown deep roots for small town living.


 As a career teacher working with Jr. high and high school students, I had the advantage of knowing what’s coming at them as young adults. I also witnessed the struggles of parents attempting to survive. two experiences led me to develop a two-phase private school called TREC (Taking Responsibility for Educated Choices.) Phase 1 was building the school specifically for teens and returning adults. 

I retired the school after 20 years to move forward. Phase 2 equips entrepreneurs’ spirits with the confidence and the skills to build home-based incomes. The years I’ve invested in people bring great rewards and fill my heart.


Early in our married life, with two children under the age of six, to pay bills, I maintained my administrative position as the principal of a Christian school. Although the school was small (120 students), I watched my job take more and more time from our family striving for perfection. I also watched as many parents walked the same walk I was—time verses bills verses family. 

Working longer, harder, faster was no longer a viable option for my heart. I watched our family rushing through life in a way that didn’t lend itself to quality time and rarely quantity of time. There comes a time when you know too much in your heart to continue living the way you are. 

I left the sixty hour-a-week job without a plan as to how to make up the financial difference. We soon saw in trading paychecks for time a substantial richness in our lives. We homeschooled and traveled when time and money permitted. We became involved in the community. I began teaching other families in our home and took some pressure off of our income needs. That grew into a home-based school that lasted well after both children left home for college. 

My heart ached for the parents, particularly the moms, that had to continue in jobs just to survive. They all had business ideas fueled by passions but lacked the courage to become entrepreneurs and the administrative skill to put concepts into practice and earn profits. Thus, TREC became Dare to be a Badass (phase 2). 


We make our home in Eagle Creek, Oregon—the Christmas Tree capital of the world! Dare to be a Badass is a virtual educational business for women anywhere in the world. 

Our mission is two-fold; we inspire women to find their warrior spirits to discover their voice, their power and their purpose and then equip them to build home-based businesses from concepts to profits. 

We are committed to building strong women, who create strong families, who cultivate stronger communities.


Dare to be a Badass, the site, the book, the podcasts, the movement was created to equip women to find their voice, their power, and their purpose. 

Women are unique warriors created to care for families, businesses, communities, and nations. We can, without each other, become battle weary. When a woman has the right tools and support, they are unstoppable as influencers in a world that needs positive, dependable, world changers.  

Like the warrior who pulled the sword from the stone, the power lies within us. It’s time to pick up our swords and take back the battlefields.  

I believe in the power of women who dare to make a difference. I want to be a part of that conversation because when we shine, we illuminate the way for the next generation. Becoming a strong woman requires, education in mind, body, and spirit. If we are not healthy in these areas, our mission suffers; our passions stunt and our mentoring is lost.

Regenrus affords the opportunity to be our best self in a responsible manner. There are opportunities to give back to others. The ‘Badass’ part of Regenrus is the prospect to prove that putting people before profits works and we all win. I want to be a part of that!

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