How Do We Know Regenrus Products Work?

How Do We Know Regenrus Products Work?

Our Customers Tell us!

When you purchase something online, how do you know it’s going to be what you need? Reviews!  We peruse the customer reviews to get the “inside scoop” and figure out the pros and cons of products. This peer-to-peer information is more valuable than the product information written by the manufacturer or seller because it’s usually unbiased and provides communication on a practical level. That is why we decided to ask some of our customers why they continue to use Regenrus products. Here’s what they said:

More Energy, Better Sleep & Relief

Robin Coppa has been using Regenrus products since 2018. Her go-to Regenrus pack includes Rest, Regen Vitamin C, Soothe and teas as well as Cleanse, Tone, Ageless, Glow, Nourish, Polish, and Lips from our skin care line. She had this to say about why she chooses Regenrus:

“I started using the products because I personally know Cindy and Phil and was interested in the ingredients particularly turmeric and hemp. I got an immediate response from using Regen, Rest and Soothe, and really liked the website. It is helpful and informative.”

Robin continues to use our products because she receives good results and believes in the integrity of our company. “Regenrus products give good results and are sourced responsibly. The company also gives back to important charities.” Thank you, Robin!

Purpose, People and Products

Brian Mariani is new to our Regenrus family but jumped in with both feet by choosing to use all our product line. Referred by Carol Montgomery, Brian was first impressed by our company mission.

“I was drawn to the fact that this company operates with integrity, has a global mission, exceptional leadership and products that are high impact for health while contributing to the environment and social causes.”   

Brian sums up the reason he keeps returning into three powerful words – Purpose, People and Products.

“Regenrus is a home for all to flourish in health and prosperity that meets you exactly where you are.”   Glad you are here on this wellness journey with us, Brian!.

Pure Harmony

Kimberly Eisendrath has been with Regenrus since the beginning. We asked her to be a part of our Regenrus Cares initiative knowing her heart for social impact and ability to support our mission.  

“I am friends with Cindy and Brenda and wanted to support them on this journey. I know their incredible hearts and pure intentions to be the change we want to see in the world while also giving back to people, animals and the environment with Regenrus Cares. 

I am honored to be a part of Regenrus Cares and support the incredible mission of this company.” Kimberly has used every product since its inception, because of the company mission and because the products are pure and natural. Her go-to products are Regen and Rest, plus Clean, Glow and the body lotion from our skin care line. 

She wanted you to know this about Regenrus: “When I think of Regenrus, PURE HARMONY comes to mind – we all need harmony in our lives in different ways. Regenrus exemplifies that on so many levels with both their people and products.”  Kimberly, we are so blessed to have you in our Ohana

YOUR Wellness Journey Partner

Our vibrant community of holistic, heart-centered people continues to grow and expand our social impact. It’s such a blessing to be part of something positive. Won’t you join us? Regenrus would love to be a part of your wellness journey. There are more testimonials and details about our mission, Regenrus Cares and our products on our website. Take a moment and visit now!

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