Who We Are


Our Purpose

We are a woman-owned, women-led, science based and heart-centered social impact community. We are guided by a sense of reverence for all life and a collaborative spirit. We care about the good of the whole, our global family and share a sincere commitment to awaken a regenerative lifestyle. 

Our Why

We are all ONE! Our global brain allows us to see and feel in ways never before possible. At Regenrus, we embody a deep sense of responsibility to collaborate and create a sustainable path to regeneration and abundance for all—people, animals, and our planet.  WE are smarter than me.

Our Promise

To care for our Ohana, our global family. To be authentic and transparent. To deliver regenerative products, services and education that supports you in living your most vibrant life to the fullest. We promise to be in this together. 


Social Impact

We measure and report the effect our global community actions have on the well being of people, animals and our planet.


Conscious Caring

Our Marketplace is focused on sharing wellness products, services and educational mentorship to support the needs of our global community.


Collaborative Culture

We foster an environment of genuine collaboration through diversity and inclusivity globally to B the Change we want to see.

Our Culture & Strategy

Regenrus Culture and Strategy centers on giving back for the greater good of the whole and making a profound social impact in all we do. We accomplish this through our social sharing, social selling business platform, high quality proprietary products and integrated community approach of our Customers, Affiliates, Practitioners, Partners, Suppliers and Corporate Team members.


Our Corporate Leadership Team

Committed to being authentic, transparent and trustworthy, at Regenrus we have your best interest at heart. We are a Benefit Corporation and It is our intention to become a certified B Corporation to help lead a growing global movement of people using business as a force for good. Through the power of a collective voice, one day all companies will compete to be best for the world, and society will enjoy a more shared and durable prosperity for all.

Our Community Opens up Hearts to Embrace All and Honor Diversity.


Cindy Tysinger

Business Leadership Team


"Aligning one’s passion and purpose to make a positive difference together in our world, we can achieve extraordinary impact in ways we could never have imagined possible."

Brenda Raley

Learning and People Leadership Team


"Living with a passion for curiosity will not only serve us well in our own journey, but will greatly enrich those lives whose paths we cross."

Joe Koontz

Operations Leadership Team


"I envision a world full of regenerative products where every one of them has a positive impact not only on the people using them, but also on our planet.“


Our Business Founding Leaders


Glenn Head

Business/Influencer Sales Leadership Team

"It's time to help others, give back, speak up, accept responsibility, love more, trust the nudge, and live for the Good of the Whole. I'm all in!"


Donna Koontz

Sales/Social Learning Leadership Team

"Collaboration is the new currency. Heart to heart, moment to moment, together we have the power to shape a sustainable future forever influencing the way we care for ourselves, each other and future generations."


Carolyn Jones

Holistic Wellness Leadership Team

"Bringing healing to the planet by impacting one life at a time in greater service to the whole elevates and uplifts the conscious to bring about the change we wish to see"


Kimberly Eisendrath

Regenrus Cares Leadership Team

"Life doesn’t get better by chance, it takes change. God gave us two hands, one to receive and one to give with to make a difference."

Our Science and Products Founding Leaders


Emmett McGregor

Science/Product Leadership Team

"The world is ready for a leap into the future, a future where health, economy, and environment are united by technology in a compassionate world community."


Tiffany Taylor

Sales/Beauty Leadership Team

"Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle and spread the word to others. The happiest people are not those that are getting more, but those that are giving more!"


Dr. Aaron Rosselle

Science/Product Leadership Team

"Our personal actions speak volumes about our core beliefs. Awakening an enlightened global interest allows us to take conscious, connected and collaborative action that serves self and the whole. We become the change..." 


Jana Kadovitz

Science / Holistic Wellness Leadership Team

"True healing begins when the body, mind and spirit have returned to harmony. The intention is to reach your place of pure “knowing,” as it is in this place your body holds the “key” to healing."

A Marketplace Just for You

Are you always looking for the best, safest, most-effective products for you and your family?

Do you care deeply for the animals we share our lives with and want them to be safe from product testing and their habitats destruction?

Do you want to purchase products that come naturally from our Earth and are regenerative for you and the planet?

We are here for YOU!

You are the heart of our business and why we are creating a Mindful Marketplace for regenerative products that you can trust. The products offered will always be true to our goals of providing safe, effective, cruelty-free and of course planet-friendly solutions for your health, home and loved ones.

Our Regenrus Rewards loyalty program offers special savings, to honor you for your on-going commitment to your health while helping us achieve greater consistent social impact. This program begins after just purchasing 2 consecutive months where you will earn an additional 5% savings for 15% off of retail on our products and after 4 consecutive months you earn 10% savings off of retail on our products for a total of 20% We want to reward you for helping us achieve our purpose and mission to be the positive change we want to see in our world for the good of the whole, people, animals and our planet.


Be a part of our Evolution