The Aloe vera plant has been recognized as far back as 6000 years ago for its dynamic support for health and healing in almost every culture of the world. In the mid-1980s, scientists identified and stabilized the bio-active component in the gel of Aloe vera and named it Acemannan. Acemannan is a broad range of uniquely structured polysaccharides that were shown to activate the immunomodulatory functions of our immune systems. By incorporating Acemannan into our diet we empower our immune systems to respond to any situation. Our proprietary Aloe vera extract, RegenAloe™, has the most recent technological breakthrough in processing which enhances the efficacy of our ingredient with up to 4 times the immune active polysacharides per milligram of extract as compared to other commercially available Aloe vera products.

Regenrus is proud to partner with Mannarelief a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity organization providing advanced nutrition to malnourished children and orphans around the world and Dr. Santiago Rodriquez Founder and CEO of Lorand Labs, contract manufacturer for our exclusive RegenAloe(TM) Aloe vera Extract




The Location. The perfect Aloe vera, starts with the selection of the perfect location for cultivation, remote regions with the ideal climate and soil conditions. Dr. Rodriguez selected sites of volcanic origin in the steamy tropics where the soil is dark with minerals. These rich black soils provide optimal nutrition to the plant, and on to our customers. There are never any freezes on our farm sites, allowing the plant to thrive throughout the whole year. The perfect combination of climate and soil provide the optimal source for an Aloe vera plant that contains all of the micro and macro nutrients to make it an exceptional dietary ingredient.


Organic Farming Lorand Labs employs certified organic farming methods to produce the best Aloe vera in the world, starting with the Aloe itself. While there are about 400 different Aloe species, only one has been used for thousands of years and studied for its many health benefits: Aloe vera Linnaeus, also called Aloe barbadensis Miller. No synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides are used in the farming of RegenAloe(TM). Plus, our Organic Farmers carefully tend to nearly everything by hand, including harvest which begins in the early morning hours when the sun has yet to rise:

  • Leaves are harvested carefully to avoid injury to both plant and product.
  • Leaves are placed carefully in baskets to avoid bruising.
  • Leaves are transported immediately to our manufacturing facility to be processed that same morning, guaranteeing the highest potency, purity, and freshness.
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Immune System

Our immune system works internally and fights to help keep our bodies healthy. As the defender of our physiology, this crucial set of specialized cells prepare your body for any threat or disruption it may encounter. Our exclusive Acemannan rich Aloe vera Extract RegenAloe(TM) provides the nutrients your immune system loves, enabling your body to produce and strengthen the immune cells you need most for your own personal wellness journey. There are almost 200 studies conducted on the effect of Aloe Vera on our immune system. This research demonstrates that Acemannan works as an immune modulator, a compound that helps regulate our immune systems to the appropriate level of activity given the conditions of our interior environment. Our bodies thrive with support from RegenAloe, enabling us to live social and active lives with confidence in our health and wellbeing.



Over 70 percent of the body’s immune cells are located in the gut. The primary bio-active compounds contained in Acemannan, known as polysaccharides or Polyacetylated Mannans, must be the correct size to be detected and engulfed by our macrophages. Macrophages, essential immune cells, act as both defenders of your tissues and directors of immune responses. Activated macrophages are deeply involved in self-regulated immunomodulation, guiding your immune system to the proper level of activity to address your body's condition. Some reesearch also indicates that other immune cells involved in regulating immune response such as Dendritic Cells may also benefit from the presence of Acemannan. RegenAloe(TM) contains Acemannan with a high percentage of immune-active polysaccharides, assuring you get the most benefit per milligram of our products.

Enhanced Efficacy

Acemannan with a molecular weight between 50 and 400 kDa has been found by Dr. Santiago Rodriguez and his team to be the most efficacious fraction of Aloe polysaccharides.Studies have shown that Acemannans with a molecular weight of < 400 kDa are powerful macrophage activators, while those larger than 400 kDa have only a marginal immunomodulatory activity. Our RegenAloe contains greater amounts of this immune modulating fraction per milligram than other comparable ingredients. Upon activation of a macrophage cell, these complex nutrients are broken down into simple building blocks known as mannose. The role of mannose is so important to our overall health and immune function that epithelial cells lining the gut have mannose-specific receptors for the active uptake of these mannose structures from our diets. Once absorbed, they are transported directly in to the blood stream and delivered to other organs, tissues, and cells throughout the body. Mannose is essential for many cellular functions, including those involved in repair, regeneration, and defense. It is especially important as an ingredient in the process known as glycosylation, a key step in our metabolism that produces proteins and other compounds essential for our health and wellness.