Intuition Within

Soul Coaching | 28 Days to Discover Your Authentic Self


$222.00 – $255.00 per person



About this experience

The course includes five two hour consecutive weekly sessions.  In person class starts on Wednesdays, March 1st 6:30pm CST and Virtual class starts on Saturdays 10:00am CST

We will be working with the four elements of nature Air, Water, Fire & Earth - This program allows you to clear away old blockages so that you can truly begin to hear the secret messages of your soul. It is an in depth clearing and cleansing of the different aspect of your life: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual to uncover your authentic self. You will be guided through a series of guided meditations that will allow you to connect and flow with the divine energy of your highest self. Recognizing repetitive dysfunction cycles in your life is the first step to breaking patterns of negativity that hold you back from manifesting your true potential. 

In this program we will be practicing journaling that will inspire you to unlock the secrets from your soul and some Feng Shui techniques that will improve the quality of the energy within and around you. We will also be incorporating essential oils and crystals to assist in your healing during this journey. Each session will include a guided meditation with sound bath and end with a Soul Oracle Card reading to bring clarity & guidance from your divine team for each week ahead. Our special curated Facebook group will also help to keep you accountable for each weeks activities while offering a support system throughout this experience. 

Through this program you will be clearing energy and removing clutter from your home. Clearing stagnant energy enables us to release blockages mentally, physically and emotionally. In this way we create space for fresh and vibrant energy to flow into our lives.  Facing emotions or memories we have been avoiding can be painful, but this is where irreversible change begins. Change isn’t always easy, But it's the change we all seek for our highest good that allows our hearts to open. In this way we attract a flow of divine light into our daily lives. 

Are you ready to hear messages from your soul, create a home that nourishes your body and helps you awaken intuition within? Let’s begin this new journey together.

The Program Details:
The cost of this program is usually priced at $500 at $100 per session and valued at $2,000. For this first program at our Regenrus Wellness Center we are offering the program at $50 per session which is $250.00. We are offering a bundled price special of $222, which is $44.40 per session if paid all at once. You will be provided a workbook with the class. You also have the option to include four crystals along with four essential oils for an additional $33. Utilizing these tools during this program will bring a balanced energy into your journey. You can personalize your essential oil blend to help you continue on your intuitive soul journey once the program has been completed.

Week One: Air - clearing mental capacity
Oil - Frankincense
Crystal - Emerald

Week Two: Water - clearing emotional self
Oil - Bergamot
Crystal - Citrine

Week Three: Fire - facing fears as a Phoenix rises of the soul
Oil - Eucalyptus
Crystal - Amethyst

Week Four: Earth - to ground all the energy that was worked on
Oil - Clove Bud
Crystal - Tiger's Eye

Week Five: Reflection and Celebration

Course Bundle: $222 (includes all 5 classes and workbook)
Course Bundle Plus: $255 (includes course bundle and $33 add-on for Oil blend and Crystals)

What to Bring:
Two separate journals, pen/pencil, and an open heart & mind 

The Regenrus Wellness Center
"A Haven for Holistic Living"
100 W. Oak Street #G110
Denton TX, 76201

Located in the TX Building Ground Floor on the Downtown Denton Square

Your Host

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*Certified Soul Coaching®
*Past Life Regression Coach
*Etheric Eye, Feng Shui Practitioner
*Intuitive Readings

My journey in the intuitive arts has led me to the truth of my soul. My soul vibrates to a shamanic soul. The Soul Loves the Truth.

Helen Piceno is a vibrational healer and has been studying the intuitive arts since 2004. Her work has led her to conduct live readings on radio nationwide, provide publicized interviews and articles on her shamanic work. Just Google Helen’s name to become acquainted with her crossing of service to humanity to foster enlightenment.

Helen has recently moved to Denton, Texas and joined with The Regenrus Wellness Center. Helen is available for private or group sessions in Soul Couching, Past Life Regressions, Feng Shui Consultations and Private Readings through energy work.

After years of suffering domestic violence, rejection and verbal abuse. I was seeking healing and balance. Traditional therapy and prescribed antidepressants left me in a shallow numbness that made me feel lost and detached with episodes of anxiety and depression. One day, I came across a past life regression workshop and decided to attend. The guided meditation I experience provided a pathway to my healing quest in the intuitive art’s. Learning to live an intuitive life fully awakened my senses that opened me up to a synchronize life full of divine abundance and beauty… internally and externally!

My guides have a message for us: “You are one of our pride and joys as every soul seeker on earth is. We welcome your open heart in communication and wisdom. There is no difference in either one of us. We are energy, high vibration, and light. Just as we ask you to love nature without judgment is how we view you all. We don't judge or criticize how you bloom. We are your support system that every birth soul receives. Since we cannot connect with those cut off from source. You and others act as lifelines to those that don't feel or sense us. This is where you and many others work on behalf of us, through you. We are equally grateful for your bravery, commitment, and acknowledgment of the spiritual vibration of support.”