Exploring Tarot

Opening your self to Tarot one card at a time


$22.00 per person



About this experience

If you are interested in delving into the world of Tarot but arent sure where to begin... We have a class that will help introduce the tarot deck to you one card at a time. This will help to bring a deeper understanding of how to read each card. We will discuss the symbolism & meanings of the deck, and how to use your intuition to help guide you through each reading. 

We will journal and share storeis to connect our collective and individual experiences. 

Each week will duscuss a new card in depth

Week One- The Fool

Week Two- The Magician 

Week Three- The High Priestess 

Week 4- The Empress 

Nourish yourself to Nourish Others.  Through your purchase of this event and products you are nourishing others by purchasing with purpose. A portion of proceeds from this event are being donated to RegenrusCARES™ our 501(c)(3) non profit benefiting people, animals and our planet.

Where: The Regenrus Wellness Center "A Haven for Holistic Living" 100 W. Oak Street #G110 Denton TX, 76201 Located in the TX Building Ground Floor on the Downtown Denton Square.

Costs*:  22$ per person. Bring a friend for free to the first class you register for

We will also offer a three card pull tarot reading for those interested (donation based) 

Bring: An open heart, journal, and pen/pencil to take notes 

Your Host

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Peyton Overton Is an amazing Yoga Instructor, Tarot/Oracle reader, & Artist. Peyton offers yoga classes that invite you to embody your dream life. By moving energy and emotions with intention, you can create a window to move out of stuck feelings and into your higher self!
Her readings and artwork serve a similar purpose.
Her specialty in the readings that she gives, is to find points of information that need to be brought forth. With this information you can then pave a pathway to alignment, confidence, and clarity.
Her transformative custom paintings are beautiful pieces of energy work to remind each person of the version of themselves they desire to incorporate, embody, and become.
Peyton sees herself as a guide and supporter that can help to actualize your dream life.