Spiritual Counseling

Reclaiming Your Personal Power


$45.00 per person



About this experience

Spiritual counseling is a mode of healing that looks at an individual's beliefs and values to find meaning larger than the individual self. We work to reduce stress and cultivate self-compassion, kindness, joy, love, and an ability to find calm rest even in turbulent times. Spiritual counseling does not require a ‘religious’ belief system. Traditional counseling might concentrate on tending to an individual’s mind, spiritual counseling hones in on the soul. Spiritual counselors help clients reconnect the soul with the body and mind, helping them to explore the deeper facets of emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Spiritual counseling can be helpful to anyone who wishes to find relief from suffering, as long as they have an open mind and they are willing to learn, heal, and/or grow. 

"I think the biggest misconception of spiritual counselling is that one must be involved in some sort of religion to benefit from it,” explains Chris Luard, a former meditation teacher at New Life. Even if the terms are often used interchangeably. spirituality and religion are not the same thing, nor are they polar opposites either."

“I have come to understand spirituality as a deep sense of curiosity about the human condition and what it means to be alive”


$45 per 30 minute session 

Bring: An open heart

Where: The Regenrus Wellness Center "A Haven for Holistic Living" 100 W. Oak Street #G110 Denton TX, 76201 Located in the TX Building Ground Floor on the Downtown Denton Square.

Nourish yourself to Nourish Others.  Through your purchase of this event and products you are nourishing others by purchasing with purpose. A portion of proceeds from this event are being donated to RegenrusCARES™ our 501(c)(3) non profit benefiting people, animals and our planet.

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I graduated from the University of North Texas (Go Mean Green) with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Public Service. While studying, I also completed a double minor in Rehabilitation Studies and Addiction Studies.
I have always been an empath, for as young as I can remember, and now I have learned to embrace and nurture those intuitive and sensitive parts of myself.
I incorporate my education, experiences, and passion into each of my services. I have recent job experience surrounding addiction and victim advocacy. I recently left my full-time corporate position as a Substance Abuse Specialist to pursue my journey here as a healer and guide. My Trauma Informed Care Certification that allows me to help individuals cope with, navigate, and heal their traumatic experiences. My mission is to help heal and guide the collective by providing wisdom, love, and unconditional support to whom ever i see.