Energetic Healing

Connect with your subconscious to develop and increase possibilities to find peace with purpose.


$110.00 – $220.00 per person


1h  –  2h

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Beth lives with her musician husband (Randy) in Denton, Texas. Their adult children share their creativity and love of travel. Beth enjoys speaking and teaching, offering hypnosis and energy healing sessions, working as a paralegal, and writing poetry and prose while her dogs learn to keep watch beside her. You can find her through her website at The Calming Center (www.thecalmingcenter.com), follow her on Facebook where she posts live every Monday evening at 6:30 CST, or interact with her through the Denton Poets Assembly, a Chapter she helped found over 15 years ago.

A 2018 graduate of the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy and a member of the IAIH, Beth Honeycutt uses her training in hypnotherapy to augment her personal spiritual studies which have taken her on multiple journeys with Peruvian shaman into sacred sites through the Andes. Beth’s studies of the heart, mind, body and spirit connection along with her personal experiences and visits to sites around the world have helped deepen her understanding of her calling to contribute to peace in the world using hypnotherapy and shamanic energy training. Engaging a calm sense of proficiency as an energy medicine practitioner, and an avid student of spiritual wisdom traditions, Beth teaches as she works, weaving instructions and examples into practices which are unique to each session for each person. Beth affirms the calming center exists within each person and assists on your journey back to your sense of inner peace.