Relaxing Reflexology pressure applied to the feet is believed to bring relaxation and healing


$30.00 – $75.00 per person



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No one knows exactly when reflexology was invented, but the technique is believed to date back to Egyptian civilizations.  Reflexology is a science which deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body. Pressure applied to the foot is believed to bring relaxation and healing to the corresponding area of the body. Reflexology is generally relaxing and may help alleviate stress. Stimulating these reflexes properly can help many health problems in a natural way, a type of preventative maintenance.

Reflexologists use foot charts to guide them as they apply pressure to specific areas. Reflexology is sometimes combined with other hands-on therapies.

Several studies indicate that reflexology may reduce discomfort and symptoms, such as stress and anxiety, and enhance relaxation and sleep. Given that reflexology is also low risk, it can be a reasonable option if you're seeking relaxation and stress relief.

Appointments Available Tuesdays & Thursday between 1-4 pm - Call 469-519-7800


$30 Private Session (30 min) Feet Only

$60 Private Session (60 min) Feet & Hand Only

$75 Private Session (60 min) Feet, Hand & AromaTouch massage.

Where:  The Regenrus Wellness Center "A Haven for Holistic Living" 100 W. Oak Street #G110, Denton, TX, 76201 - Located in the TX Building Ground Floor on the Downtown Denton Square

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Rina Watson is a certified Reflexology Practitioner since Aug 2007, Certified Reiki Instructor, Certified AromaTouch Therapist and Certified Supreme Science Qi Gong Instructor. Rina trained in the The Reflexology Ingham Method® that is practiced around the world.