Popup Underground Gallery Walk

An Interactive Art Experience Hosted by Rainbow Freedom Highway


$33.00 per person



About this experience

Stop by Regenrus Wellness Center to embark on an Interactive Art Experience Hosted by Rainbow Freedom Highway. This Popup underground gallery walk will bring a spontaneous flow of energy to all who visit!

Meet & Greet with artist Peyton Overton during an interactive tour of her recent collection. Learn about the services she offers here at the Regenrus wellness center and enter for a chance to win her latest piece Abby Road. 
Pick up a Kava beverage while you shop the holistic market for Regenrus products. 

  • Gallery Walk | Hosted by Rainbow Freedom Highway 

  • Holistic Market introducing Awakening Blend Moon Elixer 

  • Kava Beverages (18+ with valid ID)

  • Art Raffle

with purchase of your ticket you will receive some journal prompts the day of the event to encourage you to connect with the art pieces on a personal level. 


Your Host

Host image

Peyton Overton Is an amazing Yoga Instructor, Tarot/Oracle reader, & Artist. Peyton offers yoga classes that invite you to embody your dream life. By moving energy and emotions with intention, you can create a window to move out of stuck feelings and into your higher self!
Her readings and artwork serve a similar purpose.
Her specialty in the readings that she gives, is to find points of information that need to be brought forth. With this information you can then pave a pathway to alignment, confidence, and clarity.
Her transformative custom paintings are beautiful pieces of energy work to remind each person of the version of themselves they desire to incorporate, embody, and become.
Peyton sees herself as a guide and supporter that can help to actualize your dream life.