Pathways to Naturopathic Healing

Harness Your Healing Potential


$125.00 per person



About this experience

A Traditional Naturopath teaches their clients how to harness the body’s own healing potential to create the health they desire. They view symptoms as the body’s way of conveying underlying challenges, and they are trained to help guide their clients into correcting those challenges through natural means.

Stop working in the realm of symptom suppression and discover what your symptoms are telling you so that you can resolve them and get on with life! Carolyn Rachaner has joined the Regenerus wellness team to help you do just that. By taking a fresh look at your health as the unique individual you are, she will help you chart a new course towards energy, vitality, and true wellness.

Nourish yourself to Nourish Others. Through your purchase of this event and products you are purchasing with purpose. A portion of proceeds from this event are being donated to RegenrusCARES™ our 501(c)(3) non profit benefiting people, animals and our planet.


The Regenrus Wellness Center "A Haven for Holistic Living"

100 W. Oak Street #G110, Denton, TX, 76201

Located in the TX Building Ground Floor on the Downtown Denton Square

Costs*: $125

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Carolyn Rachaner is a Clinical Nutritionist and Traditional Naturopath who helps her clients connect the dots of their symptoms to understand their health in a profound new way. She has spent years helping people by answering the questions that have been left unanswered even after visiting numerous specialists.