Regenrus Collective Wellness Center

Eat, Sip, & Be Well

The Regenrus Collective Wellness Center is a haven for holistic learning. We offer a positive, nurturing environment with a host of healing modalities. We are here to give those whom we serve the time, space, and tools needed to heal and cultivate deeper internal and external connections.

Ours is a judgment free zone where we honor one another on our unique life journeys. The Collective is a relaxing environment with the ideal ambiance to discover the many aspects of self.

Our goal is to assemble a talented team of holistic practitioners whose core values align & resonate with our higher purposes: to heal, to love, to transform, and to serve.

Program Offerings

With this in mind, we are curating a wonderful collection of programs and offerings to serve our community at the highest level. From healing through movement like yoga and tai chi, to our world class products and supplements, the Regenerus Collective will offer a wide range of options to support your overall wellness.

We’re looking for community members who can offer private and small group opportunities from Reiki, yoga, deeply meditative exploration, hypnotherapy, coaching, andmore. If this resonates with you, please connect with us at

Upcoming Events

Wine Down Fridays

Join us Fridays after work for a special time that is just for YOU to unwind, relax, restore and rejuvenate your senses. Come alone or invite a friend or two to join you in your experience. 

Taste Like Pro

Come relax in our cozy Regenrus Collective Wellness Center while Jason Bodor (wine connoisseur) shares with us the Taste, Smell & Touch - 3 Key Sensory Dimensions of the Wine Tasting Experience. 

Sip & Spa

Come and enjoy a stress free, fun and relaxing facial using our exclusive SKINbyREGEN collection. Our experts will walk you through the simple steps to a more healthier you...inside and out. 

Nourish Yourself to Nourish Others

 We offer a nurturing environment with a host of healing modalities, along with a unique & relaxing ambiance available to host your next small group event. Our intention is to be a major catalyst in the transformation and elevation of consciousness in the communities where we live and serve. Our goal is to integrate body, mind, heart, and spirit, both in Denton, TX and surrounding communities, as well as in our ever-expanding virtual global Ohana.

Looking For Community Practitioners

We are curating a wonderful collection of services & educational offerings to serve our communities at the highest level. We are looking for experienced practitioners who are interested in leading the following types of workshops and programs: Conscious Breathwork, Energy Work, Tai Chi Small Group, Yoga Nutrition / Intuitive Eating, Sound Baths, New Moon Ceremonies, Massage Therapy And more!

Purchase with Purpose RegenrusCARES™  

The Regenrus Collective is also home to our storefront for our organic wellness supplements and loose leaf teas + our certified non toxic natural botanical, vegan skin care line. All purchases or donations will benefit RegenrusCARES™ and will be donated on behalf of fur babies at the Denton Animal Shelter Foundation for the humane treatment of all animals, reduction of pet homelessness, neglect and abuse, and adoption of every shelter pet.


We seek to create a safe, inviting & sacred place to allow for personal awareness, deepening interpersonal connections, and life transformation; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We desire to collaborate with individuals and organizations to provide the space where we can gather together in a welcoming and relaxing space with our collective intentions. We foster a nurturing relationship with the environment and embody the value of human possibilities that radically exceed our imagination.


  • We respect all life: people, animals and planet.
  • We provide our bodies with the best supplements and nutrition so we can live our most vibrant lives.
  • We welcome all people, cultures and religions.
  • We invite those we serve to unplug from the hustle and bustle and tune into the universe inside of you.
  • We celebrate diversity, inclusion, and equality for all.

Workshops / Gatherings

Our workshops and services give guests the opportunity to determine where they are on the road to balanced and healthy living, along with the knowledge and tools to make sustainable changes in their daily lives.

  • Breathwork / Energy Work / Crystals
  • Tai Chi / Yoga
  • Nutrition / Intuitive Eating
  • Sounds Baths / Drum Circles
  • New Moon Ceremonies

Meet the Regenrus Collective Wellness Center Team

Cindy Tysinger

Founder, Visionary Leader

DeAndra Harmony

Co-Founder Integrative Wellness & Life Coach, Author, Instructor

Kristin Flint

Instructor, Administrator