At Regenrus we want to take care of the people we see as heroes. Those who embody characteristics that we admire and aspire to -- the best versions of ourselves. And heroes come in many forms. Active soldiers defending our country, the fireman running into a burning building to save a family or the police officer coming to the rescue of someone in danger. These are certainly prime examples of extreme heroic acts. But just as critical are those medical personnel working the front lines at a hospital unit or the teachers standing in front of a classroom of children during a pandemic. We want to recognize all of our American Heroes, THANK them and do all we can to keep them safe. 


Our Wellness Collection starts 30% discount with featured products REGEN, our flagship product brings the body, mind, and heart into balance featuring Organic Full Spectrum Hemp, Aloe and Ginger (Liposomal) and a delicious citrus flavor. Followed by RENEW, 25% discount comprised of Curcumin, sourced from Turmeric Root, Resveratrol from Japanese Knotweed and Phosphatidylcholine from Non-GMO Sunflower a powerful free radical fighter. And finally, REST 30% discount is a perfect nightly Restoration companion including 7 Plant Botanicals and Magnesium to the Balance of REGEN, formulated specifically for complementary harmony with your daily homeostasis regimen. These three products round out the trifecta of wellness in a Liposomal Delivery System supporting the Endocannabinoid, Nervous, Immune, Circulatory, and Digestive Systems.


Our topical and skin care collection available at a 30% discount with features products... SOOTHE, a rich, highly absorbent Joint and Muscle Crème that is light with a fresh natural mint scent. Formulated to deeply penetrate sore muscles and joints to cool and calm soreness. CLEAN Rich in antioxidants, aloe, vitamins & trace minerals. Removes environmental pollutants & soothes the skin. LIPS- Soothing Lip Balm with Organic Aloe, Full Spectrum Hemp and a hint of mint. LIPS is a certified non-toxic moisturizing lip balm, made to protect and hydrate lips with a smooth, muted finish. Your LIPS will love our LIPS. And finally, enjoy our BODY Moisturizer Lemon Verbena at a 25% discount. BODY is non-greasy, very light and quick to absorb, leaving you with baby-soft skin that is safe for the whole family. Free from emulsifiers, it can help soothe occasional or chronic dry skin.

We Thank You! As a token of our gratitude, through our Regenrus Cares program we’re happy to extend a 25-30% discount on self-care products.. Self-care is extremely important, taking care of yourself, is just as important, if not more than taking care of others.  Even better with each order, you are donating 4% of your purchase by giving back to social causes through Regenrus Cares.

It is easy to get set up in our system and enjoy your savings. All we ask is  that you provide copies of your active credentials so that we can process your order in a timely manner to send your Regenrus Care Pack. 

*Discount applied during checkout once your account has been set up!
Note: Products purchased as part of this program are for personal consumption and not approved for resale.