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The Regenerative Evolution

Moving Beyond Sustainability

You may ask, “What can I do that would make a difference and contribute to making a better planet?”  The answer, is you can join us as a Customer, where a portion of your purchases goes towards the causes that are important to you. Or, you can join as an Affiliate to help us make an even greater impact to our causes, while earning through our revenue sharing program!

Together, we have the power to shape our collective future. We offer a compassionate community that models collaboration and consensus building. Simply stated, shared values + shared action + shared revenue = measurable social impact.

WE are smarter than me

Building upon “collaborative-creation”, we pursue “collaborative-action” to benefit everyone. Your care and compassion can make a difference. Our end goal is to provide regenerative products that serve the good of the whole, while demonstrating conscious care for People, Animals and our Planet.

Start Today!

Join our Regenrus Social Impact Community based on what you feel is the best for you.


You can choose to benefit by purchasing our highest quality proprietary wellness products as a customer, while giving back with a percentage of your product sales going towards causes that are important to you.


You can also choose to benefit even more as an affiliate/partner by sharing our purpose with others and participating in our revenue share program earning between 10%-40%, while making a profound impact to those in need.


You can join us in embracing an Integrative Care approach to wellness and strive to inspire a holistic living perspective through the use of an ecosystem of proprietary products manufactured to the highest degree of quality.


Mindful Caring = Mindful Giving

At Regenrus, we believe in putting compassion into action. We are committed to bringing exceptional, Planet-Friendly products to use in all aspects of our lives. Your giving is embedded in the cost of our products supporting people and organizations doing good work in the world. Through your purchases and others, together we are giving back to our community, our planet, and the animals with which we share it.

With every product, beginning at the source, we encourage and support regenerative practices. We work with farmers producing organic, non-GMO, pesticide free, and heavy metal free plants that become ingredients in our foods. We are always working to find better, more aligned suppliers for our ingredients, and invite our community to help us in our everlasting commitment to improve our products and their impact on the world.

Mindful Business Practices


Cruelty Free


Renewable Energy

Carbon Footprint

Cultural Diversity


Our Products

Life starts in the soil. The foods we eat are built from the contents of the earth they grow in. The deeper we look into how our food impacts our body, the more clear it becomes that plants and fungus cultivated in nutrient rich media with thriving soil ecosystems are fundamentally better sources of nutrition and bioactive support for our bodies.

We have identified the safest, most efficacious bio-active nutrients available to us from plant and mushroom sources and carefully combined them into formulas that support our body's natural balance and healthy rhythms. We are the first company to combine three of natures most powerful nutritional ingredients together by harnessing the many synergistic components of Hemp to support our Endocannabinoid System (ECS) along with the potent immune modulating compound RegenAloe(TM) from the Aloe vera plant and healing properties of Turmeric (Curcumin). We have exclusivity with combining these amazing natural ingredients into a unique proprietary nutritional delivery system that can help you and your family achieve your health goals.  These ingredients not only provide the building blocks our body needs to maintain robust homeostasis, but also activate our receptors to modulate each of our core systems at optimal levels of activity.

  A Marketplace just for You

We are here for you!

You are the heart of our business and why we are creating a Mindful Marketplace for regenerative products that you can trust. The products offered through our Mindful Marketplace will always be true to our goals of providing safe, effective, cruelty-free and of course planet-friendly solutions for your health, home and family. 

For purchasing our products and having them shipped regularly, we give a discount when qualified in our Regenrus loyalty program. Your commitment to the loyalty program allows us to increase our social impact and therefore we provide you with a special gift at 6 and 12 months to say "Thank You" for your continuous product purchases.


We proudly set aside a generous portion of product sales to give back and support people and organizations providing positive results throughout the world.


Join Today


B the Change

Help us make a profound difference in people’s lives, support global animal causes, and create a healthy planet. Don't miss this opportunity to purchase our products and receive a  SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PROMOTION.

Perfect Time to Get Involved to Make a Difference

If our Regenrus heart-centered social impact community and mindful marketplace feels like something that you too would like to be a part of - we encourage you to join today. Imagine all the joy you can experience and "B" the change to help us make a profound difference in the lives of people, animals, and the well being of our planet.

Benefits for B the Change

  • Customers and Affiliates receive special introductory promotional price of REGEN $135 + free shipping (a $15.00 savings off of retail).
  • Customers and Affiliates will be able to choose which Social Causes they want their purchases to go towards People, Animals and Our Planet.
  • Our Affiliate members serve as Regenrus Ambassadors, spreading the goodwill and knowledge of our mission. Regenrus Affiliates spend time educating themselves and their associated members on the benefits of our products, as well as the ever-growing industry where Regenrus resides. Our Affiliates collaborate together and welcome all interested individuals looking to join us as well. 
  • First to help us build our culture strong as a giving community of customers, affiliates and partners so we can make the most profound impact on the causes we support.