Hemp cultivation dates back thousands of years to ancient Mesopotamia and China, the cradles of civilization, and was a key element of modern economies as recently as the 1940's, when it was considered a crucial resource in the fight for freedom around the world. Our legally cultivated Hemp plants* contain very little if any of the psychoactive, or "recreational" compound THC, but are an incredible source of nutrients that help to activate and support a healthy ECS. Our broad-spectrum hemp oil extracts include all of the bio-active compounds and Terpenes that help the body build up and appropriately activate the receptor sites that encourage homeostasis in our bodies. Hemp gives our ECS the support it needs to bounce back from stress and maintain our ideal individual balance of body, mind, and heart.

*Manufactured from Industrial hemp. Pursuant to federal law this product contains less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinols




Hemp is an incredible crop. It grows in soil that is inhospitable to most agriculture, can grow on very little water, and yet provides us with an abundance of valuable resources. At Regenrus our favorite is the beautiful golden extract of the plant's oils. One of the most incredible attributes of Hemp is also one of the most challenging for those of us seeking to produce natural products that take advantage of its beneficial properties: it is remarkably effective at pulling toxins from the soil and air and binding them into its plant tissues. While this is a near miraculous trait for those seeking to rejuvenate the health of soils around the world, it means that we at Regenrus have had to be meticulously selective in our choice of suppliers for our Hemp Oil Extract ingredient.

Every milligram of Hemp found in REGEN and our other products has been sourced from farms which never use chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Our manufacturing partners screen their material both before and after extraction to assure it contains no heavy metals, no pesticides, and no microbial contaminants. We are so committed to the quality of our product, and health of our customers that we test each batch of our finished product, just to be sure that no unknown contaminants ever make it into a product that we sell.

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Integrative Health and Wellness

REGEN helps us to feel good in our bodies, clear and positive in our minds, and gives us a deep sense of Balance. Many of our customers find optimal benefits from our Hemp products by using them as the cornerstone of their Integrative Health and Wellness Plan. Hemp Oil Extract is a perfect companion to Meditation, Yoga, and the Healing Arts. When we take time to take a serving of REGEN and sit with our bodies in mind we often find a deepening of our feelings, and an expanding sense of calm and inner peace. We become aware of where our bodies, both physical and emotional, are in need of attention and care. As we make efforts to stretch, activate, and soothe our joints and muscles Hemp can help us find the patience and persistence to give ourselves the time we need to find our optimal benefit. Even in the active exertion of athletics and exercise, Hemp Oil Extract is renowned for allowing us to push our bodies to their limit, embracing challenge and growth, feeling confident in a fast and safe recovery. Combined with proper eating habits, an active lifestyle, and both natural and conventional medicine, REGEN and its companion products enable us to achieve our health and wellness goals to become the happy, healthy, thriving individuals we have always known we could be.

EndoCannabinoid System

The EndoCannabinoid System (ECS) is a system of receptors and transmitter molecules that are found throughout the organs of our bodies. Its purpose is to maintain a healthy rhythm of detection and reaction of our physiology to the threats and stressors it faces every day. A healthy ECS is like a masterful choir conductor, always aware of the many contributing voices making up the harmony of our body's song, and there to assist each voice in achieving the perfect pitch and volume: not too loud, not to soft, and never off key. Similarly the ECS assures that our organs and physiological systems work in concert, matching their intricate activities to one another and appropriately adjusting each function to new conditions without overreacting, underperforming, or swinging wildly out of balance. It is safe to say that our ECS touches every part of our health and wellness, and that by supporting it we will see benefits throughout our body, mind, and heart. Our greatest allies in the pursuit of a pitch perfect ECS are the bio-active Diols, compounds produced by the amazing Hemp plant that gently interact with our ECS receptors with profound positive impact.


Did you know that you have cannabinoid receptors present throughout your body? They are found embedded in cell membranes in all kinds of tissue types, and are found at the highest concentration on cells of the nervous and digestive system. 

Artwork by John Karapelou, Text by Phytecs licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0

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Cannabinoid receptors

Believed to be most numerous receptor system, these G Protein-Coupled Receptors are responsible for initiating complex signal cascades with an enormous range of downstream effects. They interact with our Endocannabinoids, compounds produced by our body which make up the signaling system of the ECS, as well as bio-active compounds from our diet. What does that mean for those of us who aren't scientists? The activity of the ECS has effects throughout our entire bodies, and influences the activity of our physiology in numerous different ways. If we build a strong and healthy ECS, the benefits we can see are as numerous and unique as the many people who appreciate our products.

While EndoCannabinoid Receptors are found in almost every tissue and organ, there is one place in the body where there are none: the brain stem. The brain stem is the control center for the heart and breathing. This means there has never been a documented case of cannabinoids overwhelming those systems leading them to shut down. After thousands of years of use and appreciation, no one has ever died from consuming Hemp or any pure Cannabis sativa.

Emerging Science

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A functional EndoCannabinoid System is essential for good health. Cannabinoids in our bodies help us survive in a quickly changing & increasingly hostile environment. Research has shown small doses of photocannabinoids from nutritional hemp & other plants help promote wholistic wellness by fortifying the body's ability to come back into balance from states of stress. EndoCannabinoid research is at an all time high, with ever more evidence emerging to support the numerous ways that similar compounds from plants benefit our bodies. Just as the ECS touches almost every system of our physiology, so to can the benefits from nutritional Hemp be felt in many and often unexpected ways. Some compounds in Hemp are known to interact not only with the CB1 and CB2 receptors generally recognized as EndoCannabinoid Receptors, but also on Vanilloid Receptors and others associated with mood and stress response. Never a simple ingredient to study, Hemp's synergistic components are Agonists, Antagonists, and Inververse agonists on different receptor cites under different conditions, meaning that they are able to coordinate and modulate our physiology in numerous ways and intensities, but always towards a better and more balanced internal environment for our health and wellness. This is the fascinating potential of this incredible plant, we take it in to our bodies from whatever place we find ourselves in our lives and it meets us there, exerting its subtle but profound effects across the entire galaxy of our physiology.

Industrial Hemp

Hemp, a sub-variety of Cannabis Sativa, is well known as an abundant source of bio-active diols, omega fatty acids, protein, incredibly strong fiber, and many other natural resources Regenrus aspires to utilize.  It is bred to express the psychotropic THC at extremely low levels making the product legal for cultivation and sale in states with established Industrial Hemp regulations.