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To accomplish building Regenrus as a Social Impact Benefit company poised to becoming a certified B-Corp, we needed phenomenal products to share this message and help us improve health and wellness, living a more vibrant life.  So we started with our powerful flagship duo REGEN and REST. First, we developed REGEN which has a significant meaning to me as each ancient plant ingredient  (Aloe, Turmeric and Hemp) was carefully selected as I attribute each plant  directly result in a life changing benefit to my own health. REGEN is designed to bring balance to your life and address the stress that we all have with the challenges we go into day in and day out. When you support your body and bring your body’s most critical systems into balance, it helps our bodies be more efficient, more energetic, our thoughts are clearer, and improves our tolerance of and recovery from the stressors of life. Next, we developed REST because we knew how important sleep is to our overall health regime. With all the stress and stimulus every day, more and more people find it difficult to get a great night’s sleep that truly restores and rejuvenates us for the next day. Many don’t realize how vital sleep is and how your body uses your sleep cycles to clear your brain and repair your body from the day. You can only achieve the best benefits of your nightly sleep if your body is able to experience multiple, healthy sleep cycles each night. REST addresses this vital need by helping you naturally achieve the quality sleep your body requires.

With these great products we wanted them to be sourced in a way that was healthy for us as well as the planet. Our products have been sourced from farms which never use chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Our manufacturing partners screen their material both before and after extraction to assure it contains no heavy metals, no pesticides, and no microbial contaminants. We are so committed to the quality of our products, and health of our customers that we test each batch of our finished product, just to be sure that no unknown contaminants ever make it into a product that we sell. We also test after manufacturing to give us more comfort in knowing what we say on the label is what is in the product and is of the highest quality.

Through the sale of these amazing products we set aside a percentage to put our care in action. Our Regenrus Giving Back Program is designed to make a significant, positive change that addresses a pressing social challenge. Our focus, with the help of our Affiliates, is to find causes needing our most immediate support and do all we can to help them. As we grow, our goal is to give a generous 4% of our product sales to causes benefitting people, animals and the planet. 

At Regenrus, we are guided by a sense of reverence for all life and a collaborative spirit. We care about the good of the whole, our global family and share a sincere commitment to awaken a regenerative lifestyle. We are constantly seeking more like-minded individuals to join us on a level best fitted for their lifestyle. We are Customers, Affiliates, Practitioners and Educators. We are the Regenrus Social Impact Community.

If you haven’t already joined our evolution. We invite you to join our social impact community. Help us be the change we all want to see in our world.

Join our evolution. Join our social impact community. Help us be the change.


Since January 2018 we now have 4 regenerative products,and our community of social entrepreneurs has also grown as they are actively sharing our stories to their friends and family. We now have 225+ affiliates, 300+ customersin 24 states. Purchases have triggered 25,000+ nutritious servings to feed malnourished children worldwide and $5000+to more than a dozen nonprofits.

We raised $387,000 in our first round of funding to start Regenrus and it is now time to raise additional investment funding to continue our growth. Our new funding will be used to expand our product line to include an Organic Skin Care line (with our exclusive proprietary ingredients), multiple product size variations, build out our business and technology platform and expand internationally in 2019.  Therefore we are now looking for Angel Investors to help us continue the amazing work we have started.  Instead of going out to unknown sources to profit on our efforts, we decided to open up investment opportunities to our very own “Ohana” our Regenrus community so that we can all prosper together and lift as we climb.  We are transformingthe traditional profit-centered mindset to include radical generosity and well-being of all.

Unique distinctions supporting this:

  • Powerful, proprietary, proven ingredients that give back through ethical sourcing that regenerates the growing environment

  • Growing partnerships supporting social and environmental causes together

  • Creating a Mindful Marketplace of collaborative communities with shared networks

  • Regenrus Cares community of volunteers with 4% revenue give on all products sold



 If you are passionate and purpose driven like we are, to be a change in making this world better each day, we invite you to become a Founding Angel Investor with Regenrus.  This is an exclusive “invitation only” offer with limited non-accredited investors allowed to participate. 

 As one of our Regenrus Founding Angel Investors you will receive equity, distributions and other benefits for your investment as detailed below, and establish you as a founding angel investor within our Regenrus Social Impact Community. 

 Regenrus Equity Ownership

  • You will receive Equity shares that are issued and commensurate to your percentage of funds invested 

  • You will receive future cash distributions commensurate to your percentage of shares to all of our shareholders as we all profit together.

Bronze Angel Investor*

  • $3,000 Investment = 3,000 shares

  • 5% additional discount on all Regenrus products for 1 year after investment month 

Silver Angel Investor*

  • $5,000 Investment = 5,000 shares

  • 5% additional discount on all Regenrus products for 2 years after investment month

Gold Angel Investor*

  • $7,500 Investment = 7,500 shares

  • 5% additional discount on all Regenrus products for 3 years after investment month

Platinum Angel Investor**

  • $10,000+ Investment = 10,000+ shares

  • 5% additional discount on all Regenrus products for 4 years after investment month

*Founding Angel Additional Benefits

  • Recognition at Regenrus events
  • Priority Seating at Regenrus events when available
  • Founding Angel Affiliates will also have "Founding Angel on their Business Websites
  • Founding Angel Affiliate logo on Regenrus business cards
**As a Platinum Founding Angel Investor you will receive all benefits above plus additional special incentives to be announced.

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