Growing Together: Creating Measurable Social Impact

Growing Together: Creating Measurable Social Impact

The world is ailing. Environmental catastrophe is an increasing norm, species disappear at heart-wrenching rates, and people are without the systems and means to take care of their basic needs, let alone thrive. In the context of such alarming, and at the same such potent times, people are coming together in novel ways to change the way that humanity treats itself and the world. Part of this shift is happening in business, as for-profit organizations arise with an underlying mission: do good. 

This shift towards business that does good – not just in what it creates for consumers -- but in how it treats its people, is called social impact. Regenrus is happy to be part of this multifaceted movement. We are working towards B Corp status even at this early stage. Today, we would like to look at how we create social impact and use it to will our path forward towards the greater, social good. We are on the cusp of the birth of our social impact community! 

Mindful Marketplace and our Social Impact Community 

Our developing social impact model seeks to have a measurable effect on each transaction of our products. 4% of revenue will be given back to three key areas: people, planet, and animals. Just as the products in our Mindful Marketplace are made to help the body nurture balance, it is our mission to do our part to restore balance to mother earth. 

As our products launch, our community will also have the option to have their donations contributed to one of the categories above. 

We are still crafting on our systems to select and track these awesome contributions. We are so excited to share how our social impact community operates in the near future. At Regenrus, we are dedicated to sharing the results of our give back program with everyone so we can all see the direct impact of this great work. 

Regenerative Sourcing and Product Development 

In order to fully integrate these ideas, we must treat our planet right and contribute to the regeneration of the environment from the beginning: with our products. Including both highly anticipated initial offerings REGEN and REST, every single product that we release from here on out, will be made using ethically-sourced ingredients grown by manufacturers that are in alignment with our values. We have already begun teaming up with high-quality and full-hearted partners to bring together the plant allies we use in our products. Just like Regenrus, their work is imbued with the spirit of helping our planet to be a better, healthier place. 

Putting It All Together: Our Team 

The last area where we create impact is in our own community. As a family that is working hard to launch what we know will be a beautiful joining of amazing people doing amazing things, we have to show up in full support for one another. We communicate authentically, listen fully and help each other achieve the collective dream. We hope this look into the social impact model we are striving to create inspires you! If these ideas and dreams resonate with you, come Join Us and Be the Change we all want to see in this world. 

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


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