Donna Koontz, A Reverence For Nature

"Donna Koontz is a valued founding member of the CORE Team, representing decades of network marketing experience and a deep compassion for humanity and our environment. She brings deep insights to our team into how social selling communities grow and support each other, and how we as a community can rally around the new paradigm of impact that lies at the heart of Regenrus. Today she shares with us her personal experience on her journey of realization, from the wisdom of our indigenous peers to the wisdom of her heart."

-Emmett McGregor, Chief Innovation and Collaboration Officer, Regenrus 

Recently, I had the privilege of attending an event, where a highly respected representative of The Indigenous Nations spoke. The presentation was focused on the current state of our environment, and what we can be doing together to re-establish a vibrant, healthy, thriving eco-system. It touched my heart to witness the sincere compassion and sadness she expressed as she described a society that she fears is gradually relinquishing their responsibility to care for, respect and protect Mother Nature herself. She lamented the seeming lack of reverence for our environment and with gentle care, reminded us that we do not own nature. It is not a possession to use up as we see fit…but rather a gift that literally gives life. She called for a return to reverence for each other and a reverence for nature itself. 

As I sat listening, I asked myself, “What is reverence for nature? What does that look like? How do we collectively demonstrate it to our younger generations?  How can we pay forward the very core meaning of something so precious?”  My heartfelt consideration led me to the conclusion that reverence is grace, appreciation, and the acknowledgment of worth. It is a deep respect or honor. It is something that we cultivate; for me, it begins with a sincere sense of appreciation. 

Every single shred, ounce, and drop of material comfort in our lives comes from the elements of our planet: earth, air, fire, and water. The natural world provides us everything we need to survive and thrive. For many people, nature also provides much needed spiritual support and joy. 

We have become estranged from the very essence of life, our original heritage and grassroots beginnings. It is this relationship with the living world around us, that needs to be nurtured and woven back into our culture. 

It is a paradigm shift within our minds that needs to take place; one where we begin seeing ourselves as part of nature. Not above her, or separate from her, but intrinsically and fundamentally connected.  It is about opening our minds and our hearts to a broader way of thinking.  

To go on this remarkable human journey on earth, we need to recover that deep connection and appreciation for all, that is given to us so freely. Whatever happens in nature soon happens to man - all things are connected.  This we know, the earth does not belong to man - man belongs to the earth. All things are connected. In honoring and caring for nature, we model reverence and become good stewards of our planet. This attitude of respect and love can be encouraged and nurtured within our children so they too will learn to live with a sense of compassion and love for all living things. 

It is a change in consciousness and a change in the way we view the world that is so needed to deepen our relationship with nature.  This change of view is imperative if we are to contribute to the protection and regeneration of nature, and for us to be able to live balanced, abundant, meaningful lives. 

Developing reverence, love, and respect for the natural world is the most vital link to healing our planet. Through meditation in nature, offerings of prayer to the earth and gratitude for all we are given, we can reconnect and give back to that which sustains us. 

By practicing sustainable, regenerative business practices and demonstrating conscious care in every choice we make, such as carbon sequestration, recycling, or as simple as going digital, we can make an impact in reducing our footprint in as many ways as possible. 

Honoring the interconnected balance of the natural world is part and parcel of holistic thinking. It is showing a concern for the “Good of the Whole”. Our current culture could benefit greatly from rediscovering, cultivating and practicing this with much greater fluency. Indeed, the modern movement of “going green” is a necessary return to ancient “whole system thinking and the philosophies behind such reverence for nature”. 

The earth is our common home.  Our real wealth is the health of our earth and its inhabitants. We are all connected in this huge but finite worldwide web of life. Everything we do has an impact on everything and everyone else. We’re all in this together. Embracing this truth, and acting on it is at the core of our Regenrus heart. 

“Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”  —Chief Seattle 

A commitment to reverence for nature is simply the recognition of, and deep respect for, the interrelatedness of all of life. 

If you would like to Join the Evolution in re-establishing a reverence for nature and making a difference in our Social Impact Community, we welcome you. 

With Love, 

Donna Koontz 

Regenrus Founding and CORE Team Member 

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