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The Women Behind SKIN by REGEN: Jessica

Jessica frequently jokes that while she was born in Virginia, she was raised in the east. Jessica has lived in Florida, Vermont and many places in between. She now views this as a blessing because she had the opportunity to make more friends than most. Even with the frequent moves, her immediate and extended family always made time for one another. Jessica spent many summers making memories alongside her aunts, uncles and cousins. Jessica believes her childhood was a bit of an adventure because she was able to reinvent herself in every new town she called home. This skill led to Jessica spending her high school years in theater and relishing in the art of performing. One of her theater...

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The Women Behind SKIN by REGEN: Kristin

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Kristin began her quest at the age of 10 on stage, performing in countless recitals and pageants. Stage make up and hair became second nature to her very early on, as well as her devotion to dance, theater and cheer. She was already poised and had dreams as big as the Texas sky for a career in dance and entertainment that would later evolve into being selected as an elite member of an Internationally Acclaimed/ World Renowned Sports Brand and through her High School years, she focused on her dance training to begin her journey. Upon graduating, she moved to Dallas and attended the University of Texas at Arlington. She received a degree in...

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The WOMEN Behind SKIN by REGEN: Tiffany

Growing up in Taylor, TX, Tiffany spent most of her teen years in the High School Theater Club doing makeup and costume design while perusing through the pages of Vogue Magazine dreaming of a career in the beauty industry. She began mastering make up artistry at the young age of 17 and while studying Theater at Temple College, she met a celebrity make up artist and began to pursue her dream and passion while joining World Renowned Brow Experts at Kiss N' Makeup, a unique training and technique company and home to the original “hand tweezing” brow shaping in Austin. It was there she mastered her craft and the art of shaping the perfect natural Brow for the next six...

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