Building A Better World Together

As we honor and remember 9/11/01 we pray for love, acceptance and peace. Never forgotten and always in our hearts are the lives of those that were lost on that tragic day. 2,980 people woke up not knowing that their lives were going to be engulfed by an unthinkable tragedy on American Soil. Where everyday heroes were born—each and every person involved striving for survival while doing their best to help whoever crossed their path.

On 9/11 we honor the memory of all those lives who were taken too soon, and we also honor their families who lost their loved ones. We also honor the emergency responders trained to aid in times of disaster, along with those untrained who were just trying to do the best they could to survive and help others in any way possible. It is beautiful to see, human kindness lives on in all of our hearts during times of distress.

As we reflect and prepare for our everyday routine, how can we step up to love and support each other to make our world better? During our journey on Earth, we experience joy and happiness along with obstacles in life that we must face each and everyday. It is up to us as humans to come together to better care for all people, animals and the environment that we live in.

Living a life filled with gratitude and compassion makes us human. Take a moment to reflect. What is pulling on your heartstrings today for compassion and giving back?

If you are looking to be a part of a community who truly cares and lives by True Care in Action, we invite you to get to know who we are at Regenrus. Regenrus is a benefit corporation and a Social Impact Community creating an evolution for giving back. We do this through the regenerative ingredients in our products and through our Regenrus Cares social impact program. It is important to be an advocate for one’s own self through choosing a lifestyle of wellness designed to balance and restore, while also aiding those in need locally, nationally and worldwide.

Sourcing ingredients for our Regenrus products have already provided over 20,850 nutritious meals to malnourished orphans around the world since our beginning in January through August 2018. Pair that with traveling all over the US and teaming together with over a dozen non-profit charitable organizations to give back through the purchases of our products. For our Regenrus Cares August initiative, our entire community came together in support of our west coast team. Our founding leader Donna Koontz learned about 20 firefighters and their families who lost their homes during the wildfires and yet those same firefighters continued to fight the fires and help others along the way. We are grateful for such a heroic act and continue to keep them all in our thoughts and prayers. The proceeds from our Regenrus’ team effort on the sales of our products as well as other local events continue to pour in and will be presented to a local fire chief. He will ensure that those 20 firefighters and their families get what they need. In addition, we collectively assembled 75 + care packages for those continuing to battle the fires on the front line that include essentials that were specifically requested by firefighters themselves. Our Partnership with the Always Angel foundation allowed us to create 14 care packages intended for children which included the Always Angel Coloring storybook English & Spanish versions. All of the care packages included hand written notes of thanks and encouragement from our team across the US and incredible messages of appreciation from local children pre-school through 4th grade.

We are encouraged as people are stepping up, leaning in and coming together to join Regenrus. In everything we do we are committed to making our world a better place for people, animals and our planet for current and future generations. We saw True Care in Action with our August Regenrus Cares initiative through product purchases, donations, volunteering to put the care packages together and children sharing their gratitude to their local firefighters. Our products are designed to improve you and your family's quality of life while every product purchased gives back to those in need. We must always remember Life is a Precious Gift and it is best to live life in Gratitude. The best gift we can give during our time on Earth is that of love and kindness. We invite you to join us to be the positive change we want to see in our world.