Regenrus Cares 2nd Quarter 2020 Results

Regenrus Cares - True Care is Care in Action

First off we want to express our love and gratitude to all our Regenrus customers who purchased with purpose in the second quarter of 2020, With their purchases, Regenrus Cares has had the opportunity, and honor, to give to so many amazing non-profit organizations during a difficult and uncertain time in our world. 2020 has been a year we will never forget as the world comes together to fight a global pandemic. Regenrus did our best to assist in as many ways as we could, through supporting local small businesses in our community all while continuing to give 4% of all sales month. For 2020 ytd we have given almost 7% of sales to help people, animals and our planet.

April- Project C.U.R.E.

Project C.U.R.E. is a non-profit organization that Regenrus has had the privilege of working with in the past. In fact, Project C.U.R.E. helped Regenrus Cares make it possible to send WELLNESS Care Packages to Living Hope Orphanage and School, in Puebla, Mexico just last year and has been a frequent organization that we have given to. When PPE for front line workers was running low, Project C.U.R.E started doing everything they could to make sure there were supplies where they were needed. We chose Project C.U.R.E. because they gave $20 worth of First Aid & Emergency supplies for every $1 donated! Because of Project C.U.R.E. Regenrus Cares was able to give $6,400 in supplies.

May- FREE Regenrus WELLNESS Kits to Front Line Workers

In May, Regenrus Cares decided to take a more hands on approach giving back to those on the Front Lines. So many of our amazing Affiliates and Customers are Essential Workers dedicated to the health and well-being of others. We decided to step in to help them with their own health and well-being so they could stay healthy while continuing to help others. We sent out $1,340 worth of Regenrus Wellness Products and groceries to help our front line customers and home team. These Kits included REGEN & REST and our WELLNESS Teas.

June- Alzheimer’s Association

The month of June is Brain Health Month and to honor that, Regenrus Cares gave 4% of all June sales to Alzheimer's Awareness. This organization is close to the hearts of our founding leaders and many in our community who have lost loved ones or have loved ones fighting this terrible disease. Our Founders have raised close to $20,000 to date for this cause and customer purchases in June went towards helping us to find a cure together.

In addition, we have two other give back programs that we support through Regenrus Cares. First the “Ohana Love” program where we gift our products to those who cannot afford the products or need more than the standard recommended servings. We also provide discounts to those who have unique and special circumstances where they cannot pay the full price for the products and need assistance. Since January 2018 we have provided approximately $4,000 in FREE products to those in need. Second, through our sourcing of ingredients, we look for the opportunity of giving back. For our RegenAloe™ ingredient purchase, we partner with Mannarelief Ministries who feed the Hope Blend to malnourished orphans around the world.

To date they have done more than 105 million servings to over 8M Orphans in 89 countries. Regenrus has provided over 80,000 servings since January 2018. In addition, we source Helichrysum from a family owned business in Croatia where three inspiring sisters who employ 1000 migrant workers twice a year to harvest Helichrysum and it is the only source of income to feed their families and provide basic necessities for their villages.

WE are the ones we have been waiting for & WE are the change that we seek. Regenrus has an amazing group of practitioners, affiliates, customers, suppliers, and home team who care about people, animals and our planet. Every one of us are passionate about making a difference and know we will all rise together through care and love. Each time we buy our Regenrus products for better health and well-being for ourselves and our families, we feel good knowing 4% goes to support special causes that are important to us all. We are constantly seeking more like-minded individuals to join us on a level that is best fitted for their lifestyle. Help us be the change we want to see in our world!