Introducing the Sip and Spa!

Introducing tht Sip & Spa: Our Newest At-Home Skincare Party

At Regenrus, we are all about education, social-impact, and all-natural and effective products. More than anything, we really want to teach people to make better choices for their families. With all of the skincare options out there, it can make that messaging difficult to get across. Therefore, it has to be told by people that care which brought us to using this social-selling model. With that in mind, we made it our goal to mobilize and empower a team of affiliates to share this mission. The bonus is that it allows these affiliates to create their own business and earn an income for themselves and their families. 

The Sip & Spa Was Born

Everyone deserves the opportunity to be pampered and our SKIN-by-REGEN Sip & Spa events are more than just a party with friends… they are an opportunity. An opportunity for someone to experience a healthy glow and to learn about what clean skincare FEELS like. We created the Sip & Spa to consist of 7 easy steps! We have since replicated this formula time and again in other homes, by other affiliates, with the same outcome… delighted new customers with a better understanding of what a good skincare regimen looks like. 

There are absolutely no kit requirements or need to carry inventory. We are currently working on the creation of an optional Sip & Spa kit full of event accessories for your convenience, but it’s not a purchase requirement. We want you to run your business exactly as you’d like! 

Income Possibilities

The sky is really the limit here. Profits depend on your effort. Are you looking for a side hustle or a whole new career? Are you looking for a little extra to fund vacations or pay off school loans? Many of our affiliates do this just for a little extra cash each month. Some are making it a full-time business endeavor to be their own boss! How much or little time you choose to put forth is completely up to you! 

What If I Don’t Know A Lot About Skincare?

That would be most of us when we start! Luckily, we have training and resources available to us! Our training site is called “Affiliate Academy” and it offers video testimonials and materials on our products. We do affiliate calls every other week which include company updates, training sessions, and more. We are a hugely collaborative family. We have affiliates, from professional make-up artists to estheticians to physicians and wellness experts, that help teach us about the science and technology. We share articles, graphics, and ideas so that no one has to reinvent the wheel. There is always someone to reach out to and ask questions. You’ll have as much or as little support as you desire!