Women-Owned Businesses are Blazing a New Trail

Women-Owned Businesses are Blazing a New Trail

October is National Women’s Small Business Month. As the month comes to an end, we at Regenrus chose to honor and celebrate the amazing achievements women in business are making for our economy, our environment and the greater good. Let’s start with statistics on the overall positive impact of women businesses: 

According to the 2019 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, the potential of women entrepreneurs for spurring economic growth has not been fully realized. This is exciting, considering the positive impact women-owned businesses have had over the previous five years

  • The number of women-owned businesses increases 21% (while all businesses increased 9%). 

  • Total employment by women-owned businesses rose 8% (while for all businesses the increase was 1.8%). 

  • Business growth for women of color grew at a rate of 43% & account for 50% of all women-owned businesses. 

As an Entrepreneur and Business Leader, Regenrus’ founder, Cindy Tysinger, has seen the changes in women-owned businesses first hand.

“I started my first company to fill a need in technology, and to align with my background. Regenrus is my heart,” says Cindy. “We created an organization that provides positive social impact in every step of our supply chain and distribution. We provide jobs for women that fit their lives and purpose. Finally, we ensure positive impact in our community by giving back. I am honored to work alongside so many fabulous people.” 


As female entrepreneurs, we are excited to be amongst such a dynamic group who positively impact our world. Regenrus is women-owned, women-led, science based, and heart centered around positive social impact, which drives us to be the change we wish to see. Witnessing the women who work alongside us building a community that is motivating authenticity, love and wellness brings us joy.  Here are some amazing women we would like you to know: 

 In keeping with the Regenrus mission on wellness, please meet Alma Hachey, who provides nutrition and wellness consulting, transpersonal energy healing and Thai Yoga stretching therapy. Her passion to help others stems from her own journey. At 30 years old she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, which had metastasized to her liver. While grateful to have overcome odds to survive, the transition from “surviving to thriving” was one she had to figure out on her own.    

“I truly believe that the life struggles (escaping from the genocide in Bosnia) and health struggles (stage 4 cancer) I went through have happened to me for a reason and helped me realize my life’s purpose – to guide others on how to uncover their own healing potential by optimizing nutrition, effective detoxification programs, mind-body awareness, and stress reduction through radical self-care.”  ~Alma Hachey 

As someone who is as passionate as we are about ensuring our products do not harm the environment, animals or people, meet Carol Montgomery. Carol has a deep love for the importance our environment has on our community. She is dedicated to helping people change their focus to live green & treat the planet more gently. Founder of Green Village Green, Carol grew up in Britain with parents who had a large vegetable garden & composted & recycled everything, long before it was a movement. Carol is aligned with Regenrus' mission of People, Animals and Planet before Profit.  

 “I love this beautiful Earth of ours: it’s the only home planet we’ve got.  If we humans would like our children and grandchildren to continue living here it is up to us to do something NOW.” ~Carol Montgomery 

Our partner in tea, Brenda Meyers, believes in bringing people together in a positive, healthy way to form stronger communities. As a young girl, Brenda's Aunt Rene shared her love for tea, which led Brenda to her most current venture, Sterling Tea. One of only a handful of specialty tea blenders in TX, we are proud to partner to bring our custom blended tea infusions to market. Loaded with healthy benefits, each organic loose-leaf tea blend contains antioxidants and natural ingredients for that special down time or to share with family and friends.  

“Since I first started, Sterling Tea, I have found that “tea people” (those who love tea) are the nicest people. I’ve yet to encounter a tea enthusiast who is rude or unkind especially while sipping a cup of their favorite brew. Tea people seem to gravitate to each other with an understanding that they are part of a movement of individuals who love the taste of tea and the way that it makes them feel. They are choosing to make a healthier beverage decision for themselves and their families.” ~Brenda Meyers 

We are thrilled to introduce you to two of Regenrus’ founding members – Carolyn Jones and Jana Kadovitz. These ladies have been instrumental in supporting our company and align with our core beliefs of healing the planet, supporting our community and giving back every step of the way. As founders of The Holistic Institute of Wellness, these dynamic women combine their strong wellness backgrounds to train individuals in Reiki healing, shamanic studies, energy awareness and meditation. They truly are making our world kinder and better through their hearts and services.

 “Our mission is to educate the general public on how holistic healing techniques and tools can change one’s life on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level. Our mission was born out of our vision to bring healing to the planet on a global scale by touching one life at a time.” ~ Carolyn and Jana. 


It is exciting to think about the increased impact women-owned businesses will have in the future. Female entrepreneurs find a way to positively impact lives, families and communities through business. At Regenrus, we will continue to support women-owned businesses through our partnerships, our vendor relationships and to provide business opportunities.  

Creating business around a positive intent is at the core of Regenrus. By giving at least four percent of all product purchases to charitable causes, we will continue to support communities through the Regenrus Cares Foundation. To date, we have given over $16,000 in charitable donations and over $4,000 in-kind product donations to over 40 non-profits. We also give back through giving 40% discount savings to our Heroes (first Responders), our sourcing strategy and create impact in our community through volunteerism and donations. 

Our hope is that the ideas we hold dear at Regenrus, along with our partners, inspire you to join us to do more. Build businesses that give back, support businesses that have a heart-centered strategic foundation and help more women-business owners make a strong positive impact for years to come. We will all benefit from Being the Change we want to see in this world for the Good of the Whole!  

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