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Regenrus Cares Social Impact 2018

Since the soft launch of Regenrus at the beginning of 2018, community support has complimented each initiative we have taken, confirming how we can live more vibrant and healthy lives together through sharing Regenrus. Roadshows across the country created lasting relationships as our Ohana (family) built a foundation designed to make a significant positive change that would address a pressing social challenge. Together, we took action to be the change we want to see in the world. As a part of that journey, the Regenrus Cares Social Impact Foundation was created to help meet the needs of causes supporting people, animals and our planet.

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A Regenerative Economy

Our economy is currently based on purely financial resources. If wealth was defined and reimagined, we could create regenerative businesses that don’t just create financial resources but also give back to people and the Earth. At Regenrus, we are committed to creating a regenerative ecosystem that gives back to the people, animals and planet. 

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