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7 Stepping Stones to Living Sustainably

Every day we make choices that affect the people, animals and planet that make up our global community. From the food we eat, the cars we own, or the clothes we wear, our daily decisions directly affect the vitality of these three aspects we care about most.  We make the best of our decisions in choosing to lead sustainable lives, to be sustainable in our own right. But how does one accomplish this? We explore the beginning stages in our eight stepping stones to living sustainably.

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Donna Koontz, A Reverence for Nature

Donna Koontz is a valued founding member of the CORE Team, representing decades of network marketing experience and a deep compassion for humanity and our environment. She brings deep insights to our team into how social selling communities grow and support each other, and how we as a community can rally around the new paradigm of impact that lies at the heart of Regenrus. Today she shares with us her personal experience on her journey of realization, from the wisdom of our indigenous peers to the wisdom of her heart.

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Beyond Sustainability: Regenrus is Regenerative

Sustainability: A popular word floating around the ethernet these days, even within our community. What does "Sustainability" truly mean? At Regenrus, we have looked deeply at the realm of sustainability and realized that our commitment to the People, Animals, and Planet runs deeper than a desire for "protection." Learn more about Regenrus and our relationship with Sustainability here. 

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