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Cultivating Wholeness in Life & Work

To embrace holistic living is to embrace wholeness. It is to re-imagine our lives as a system in the sense that every aspect of our life feeds right into the other. If one is off balance, the other will be. To truly understand and incorporate a holistic perspective, we often need to take a broad view of our life and evaluate how our health might be affecting our relationships, or our diet might be affecting our work. We can achieve a deep sense of fulfillment, joy and well-being when we tend to all aspects of our mind and body, to rebalance and patch any leaks in our holistic life system.

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Woman-founded, Women-Led: The Meaning & Importance

In 2009 at the Peace Conference in Canada the Dalai Lama famously stated that “Western women will save the world.”  Although we can’t predict the future, we can make choices that help turn us in the right direction. 

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