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Interview with Dr. Santiago Rodriguez: the History and Benefits of Aloe vera Extract

We got a chance to sit down and talk with Dr. Santiago Rodriguez about quality care for ingredients, the immune system, Polysaccharides, and how to live a healthy and balanced life. The following wisdom is paraphrased from that conversation.

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Creating Positive Change: The Power of Appreciation

With 2018 rapidly approaching, it’s normal to find one’s self reminiscing on the past year, reflecting on the should haves and could haves. We make pacts with ourselves and others in honor of the new year, whether it be cutting back on one thing, or doing more of another. But how often do those promises include being kind to, or showing appreciation for others? This year, make a pact with us to show more appreciation to our three areas of focus; People, Animals and Planet. Read on for ideas on how to make these changes happen within each area.

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Beyond Sustainability: Regenrus is Regenerative

Sustainability: A popular word floating around the ethernet these days, even within our community. What does "Sustainability" truly mean? At Regenrus, we have looked deeply at the realm of sustainability and realized that our commitment to the People, Animals, and Planet runs deeper than a desire for "protection." Learn more about Regenrus and our relationship with Sustainability here. 

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