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Living in Harmony

Just like a harmony in music, life is all about staying in the right tones and vibrations with your relationship to yourself, what you do in the world, others and the earth. Balance and awareness are the keys to creating and maintaining this harmony, this unification.  How can we cultivate a deep sense of harmony in our lives and maintain it? 

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Creating Positive Change: The Power of Appreciation

With 2018 rapidly approaching, it’s normal to find one’s self reminiscing on the past year, reflecting on the should haves and could haves. We make pacts with ourselves and others in honor of the new year, whether it be cutting back on one thing, or doing more of another. But how often do those promises include being kind to, or showing appreciation for others? This year, make a pact with us to show more appreciation to our three areas of focus; People, Animals and Planet. Read on for ideas on how to make these changes happen within each area.

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Indigenous Wisdom: Embracing Native American Teachings

Many Native American teachings are foundational to the essence of living a pure life. Our ancestors, who were deeply connected to mother earth, the cosmos and all that’s between, carry the roots of our human existence. Embracing their teachings from an authentic source can add a great deal of substance and ground to your path of healing. We honor Native American teachings for their connection to the earth and their belief systems that transcend time and space. Here we have 7 Native American teachings that can be applied to your daily life. 

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