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How to Get Motivated and Stay Active on the Weekend

A huge portion of the American population spends forty-plus hours per week at an office or in front of the computer. Without a doubt, it requires a level of ambition and determination to incorporate more activity into your life. Here are some ways to motivate yourself and out-of-the-box ideas of fulfilling activities you can do to keep you mmoving through the weekend. 

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Indigenous Wisdom: Embracing Native American Teachings

Many Native American teachings are foundational to the essence of living a pure life. Our ancestors, who were deeply connected to mother earth, the cosmos and all that’s between, carry the roots of our human existence. Embracing their teachings from an authentic source can add a great deal of substance and ground to your path of healing. We honor Native American teachings for their connection to the earth and their belief systems that transcend time and space. Here we have 7 Native American teachings that can be applied to your daily life. 

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Donna Koontz, A Reverence for Nature

Donna Koontz is a valued founding member of the CORE Team, representing decades of network marketing experience and a deep compassion for humanity and our environment. She brings deep insights to our team into how social selling communities grow and support each other, and how we as a community can rally around the new paradigm of impact that lies at the heart of Regenrus. Today she shares with us her personal experience on her journey of realization, from the wisdom of our indigenous peers to the wisdom of her heart.

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