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How to Get Motivated and Stay Active on the Weekend

A huge portion of the American population spends forty-plus hours per week at an office or in front of the computer. Without a doubt, it requires a level of ambition and determination to incorporate more activity into your life. Here are some ways to motivate yourself and out-of-the-box ideas of fulfilling activities you can do to keep you mmoving through the weekend. 

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Cultivating Wholeness in Life & Work

To embrace holistic living is to embrace wholeness. It is to re-imagine our lives as a system in the sense that every aspect of our life feeds right into the other. If one is off balance, the other will be. To truly understand and incorporate a holistic perspective, we often need to take a broad view of our life and evaluate how our health might be affecting our relationships, or our diet might be affecting our work. We can achieve a deep sense of fulfillment, joy and well-being when we tend to all aspects of our mind and body, to rebalance and patch any leaks in our holistic life system.

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